1. Font?

    Ok, i bought Time Fantasy DLC. I'm with very much problems with this DLC, mainly with the font. I just downloaded all pixeladed fonts of Dafont.com and none of them fit. Someone have a font that fit with this DLC? Pixeladed For VX Ace.
  2. jkweath

    Font missing letters/distorted in-game

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong board to post this in. I've had a couple of users report an odd error involving the in-game font either a) missing letters, b) being distorted and unreadable, or c) a mix of both. Screenshot example: A few things we've already tried: 1. Re-downloading and...
  3. tale

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    To use Damage.png in your game- Open your project folder > img > system > replace original Damage.png with file name Damage.png (one you plan to use) ---------- Modern, Futuristic, Bold, Stereoscopic, Spaced By: TYA Terms: Can be used for commercial and non-commercial project as long you...
  4. WeGotBeats

    Change Fonts

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I use RPG Maker MV and I have tried literally every work-around for changing fonts. Shouldn't there be an easier option in the program where it makes this job easy? I literally tried all the suggestions on this forum including getting Yanfly's plugin and...
  5. woop

    Removing Font Outline

    I'm using a simple script (fontoutline.js by Zerbu) to remove the default outlining that appears on all text in the game. I've recently installed SRD's Battle Popup Customizer plugin, which uses the gamefont to show damage numbers and popup text (effective, resist etc.). My issue right now is...
  6. jayholden

    Font color selection in options menu

    Hello, I'm hoping to add accessibility features to my game. One of the things recommended in the game accessibility guidelines is giving the player the ability to change the font color, to make text easier to read for people with dyslexia or glaucoma. I've searched around and am unable to find...
  7. Kevin O'Ryan

    [SOLVED] Steam Version: Text is MESSED UP!!!!

    I am extremely stressed out with this problem!! I have done everything from restarting the software, to making a new project and this KEEPS happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was working perfectly for 1 year, now all of a sudden it just dies mid-way into a game. I never mess with the game font...
  8. Tohru

    Playtest loading screen freezes after changing font

    Hello. I'm trying to run my game but it stops on the loading screen. I definitely think it's because I've tried to change the game font. I watched a tutorial on how to do it and did everything they said but it doesn't work. I have the trial version downloaded from their site and a thing I...
  9. wonderjosh3000

    Use multiple fonts in menu with font loader.

    So I've got a font loader plugin, including the one that comes with Yanfly's Core engine (or is it the message core? I'm not at my home computer right now haha), and I've got a couple fonts loaded up and ready to go. Is there a way to use more than one font at a time in the menu scene? Like...
  10. Hero_Claive

    Issue with Contents.Font.Italic

    Title. I've been playing around with some new windows and am trying to access attributes of the Font class, though that's easier said than done apparently. I have the following code in a Window_Selectable subclass: contents.font.size = 19 contents.font.italic = true...
  11. Yawgmoth

    High Score Page Plugin for MV?

    Greetings, I've looked everywhere for a High Score Plugin and haven't found anything yet, if someone knows of one please post a link. If not I would like to suggest a High Score plugin similar to classic arcade games that draws on a variable as a score and automatically places the highest...
  12. Editing the UI

    I haven't been able to find much on editing the UI except in the case of replacing the menu/dialogue boxes with images, which is great. But I have a few other ideas. 1. Is it possible to change the font of any given text in the game? 2. is it possible to keep the menu/message boxes as they...
  13. Ely

    How to show Zalgo Text in description of item without changing all font in game

    Hi I have a cursed item and I want the item to have a description in zalgo text Ć̸͘͠a̛͜n̛͝ ́͘y̴҉o̵u̴͞ ̵̀͏̶͜f̴̸̡͟é̡͘͢e̵͞ĺ̵̕͝ ̶͢͜t̡̀͜͜͝h̴͝e͏̨͢ ̸̸c̡҉̡̕͟a̸̧͘͟͝l̶̸̨͡l̸̨̀҉ ̵̢̕t̛͘͠h̷è̡̡͏҉ ̴̴̷͠v́͜͡o͢͝i̢͝d̷̛?͜͝ (Font looks like this) I dont want to change the entire font of the game I just want...
  14. Ganimate

    How can I change the font of the choice boxes?

    Hi everyone! First time on the forums and first time using VN Maker! Enjoying it a lot so far! Now, here's the questiong that brings me here seeking for help: I want to change the font of the default choice boxes that VN Maker has. I found this script in the forums which is really useful...
  15. FoxySeta

    Using fonts not installed on the user's system

    So, I'm using a custom font for my alpha that works just fine on my PC. Still, some of the testers are complaining cuz they only see the default font instead. That's probably because they haven't got my font installed. Should I just upload the font separately and ask every player to install it...
  16. SCG4473

    [RMMV] Corrupted Font In Editor?

    Okay, I'll try to be as concise as possible. I'm having an issue with the RMMV editor where some letters are missing in the text when it's displayed in a certain font, it looks all corrupted(see attached image). The last thing I can distinctly remember doing before this happened is adding four...
  17. AdamSakuru

    VE - Damage Popup change "FontFace"?

    https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/damage-popup/ I'm using Victor's Damage Popup plugin and there's a parameter for "Font Face" -Popup Fontface The parameters 'Fontface' defines the font name for the popup display. You can use script codes that returns a string with the...
  18. ashikai

    YEP_MessageCore Altering Namebox Font Properties

    Hooookay so I've been screwing around with Yanfly's Message core trying to style my nameboxes the way I'd like and I've hit a brick wall. Hoping someone can at least shed some insight as to why this isn't working, or if this is working as intended and I need a whole 'nother script to augment...
  19. Karbonic

    Default Font Color?

    I'm working on a game that has a very simplistic two color palette. As such, the default white text sticks out like a sore thumb. I was wondering, is it possible to change the text color for the entire game? This includes menus and the like. I know that you can change the color in individual...
  20. Tuomo L

    Failed to load GameFont

    Crashes when playing the game, but only first time. After shutting the game and starting again, it no longer crashes. [ERROR 2/2/2018 02:51:14pm] Error: Failed to load GameFont at Scene_Boot.isGameFontLoaded...

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