1. AnjelFeather

    Need help with Font Glyphs!

    I'm not too great at explaining exactly what I need, but I'll try my best. I'm working on a game that requires using a lot of glyphs, but of course they show up in game as [] boxes. I'm using an English version of RPG VX Ace, however, I want to be able to use Japanese Hiragana letters. What I...
  2. IdarG


    I'm just wondering what the heck is wrong with the rpg maker font system. I mean, when I add Lucida Sans (a relatively normal-looking font) it only displays in the menu. And when I add frickin' MANGA SPEAK 2 (a highly irregular font) It displays in the menu, AND in the message boxes. How can a...
  3. Myzma

    Edit in game font

    I want to have my game use a different font, but I only want certain NPC's to have this font. Is there any way to do it? I've seen it done in an Rm2k3 game, Mother : Cognitive Dissonance.
  4. GlitchyPSIX

    Name Input - Custom Font Glirch

    Problem: There is a font glitch in the Name Input window. Cause: Switching the default font (VL Gothic) to Roboto Condensed (License included, I'm no stealer.) What happens?: After changing the font, the name input looks like with all letters from the font being like, sticked. no spaces...
  5. Shinma

    What triggers the font to autoshrink?

    I have some items whose name has decreased in size due to the length, and some whose has not, even though it should. Anyone know the trigger for this as I would really like for it to correct the items that need it. In the screenshot below, you can see that the Sharpened Kitchen Knives use a...
  6. Evan Finkel

    Pixelated Font for a Retro RPG

    Hey, all - I'm developing a retro game, and I can't search for a nice, free pixelated font. Thanks! ^^ Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.
  7. pixelated font

    Are there any ways to make the font pixelated (like gameboy games), even when I use pixel fonts RPG Maker VX Ace renders it with anti aliasing, I'm trying to get a gameboy look so it'd be great to know if I can create a font like sprites for that or use an existing one with pixel perfect setting...
  8. Shuko

    Font problem help?

    Hey everybody. I recently got a new font for one of my projects, and found something I can't seem to fix. As you can see in the attached thumbnail, whenever I hit enter in a text box, a box appears in it's place. I've tried to get rid of it, but can't figure out how. Any advice or help is...
  9. Raen Andaleio

    Changing battle message text color

    Hello everyone, I have a problem concerning text color, maybe someone has a solution to that. I replaced the original message boxes with my own design. Looks just fine, but since it's brighter than the original, the white text with black outline didn't look that good on it. Removing the...
  10. Misty

    Font and audio hiding script

    Hello everyone, I wish for a script to just hide my audio and font folder. I have found some encryption scripts, but they cause errors. if it is possible to hide more without errors, then that would be excellent.   Thank you, ZEFK
  11. Amanda Jackson

    Custom font

    Hi, is there a way to use a custom font in a game so that it works even if the person playing the game doesn't have that font installed on their computer? Thanks.
  12. Misty

    Font not working.

    Hello everyone, I am having a font loading issue, so is there a script that can help me? Here is the font: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Playtime-With-Hot-Toddies Font.default_name = "playtime" # Edit as you see fit. Font.default_size = 24 # Edit as you see fit. I have heard people...
  13. Ultim

    Changing Title Screen Font ??

    Hi Guys, So,when I was making my game,this idea passed in my head.Can we change the game title's font in VXA ? Any help will be welcome. Thank You. sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum !
  14. RPG Maker VX Ace Japanese Characters show up as blocks

    Whenever I try to type in Kanji in the game I am working on, it comes out as blank blocks. The script editor also shows Japanese characters as blocks in the character tables part. When I paste it into here, it works, though. JAPAN1 = [ 'あ','い','う','え','お',  'が','ぎ','ぐ','げ','ご',            ...
  15. IsFutureBright

    Set font type

    Is there any way to quickly change the font being used to draw text on the message box? Something like SetFont("Verdana", 22) ? 
  16. xcom

    Changing combat font size? Or how to remove it?

    I tried to google this, but I couldn't find a clear answer. I added some popup damage text, and now I'm looking at a way to either make the combat text you get in the upper left corner to be smaller, or a way to remove it all together.  I would prefer it to be smaller.  I can't seem to find a...
  17. Tuomo L

    Junk symbols in my equip!

    For some reason, I have these junk symbols in my game and I am unable to get rid of them. It looks really weird. Steps I've already tried but have not worked: 1) I already use Lonewolf's Font Junk patch 2) I already have set Japanese language to false in Game system (for some reason there...
  18. Kes

    Rogue symbol on Buff notification

    On the pop-up notifying the player that a default MDF buff has been carried out by an enemy, there is a stray symbol at the end, as shown in the screenshot below. This, as far as I can tell, is the only place where it happens.  I am at the moment using VLGothic which has been included in a...
  19. Jericho Swain

    Looking for Japanese Font

    Hi I am looking for a Japanese Font. Any font would be fine but if I received a variety that would be nice. I can't seem to find where to download Japanese fonts. Thanks!
  20. Bonkers

    Imported new font, and created odd errors

    I recently found a font I liked, installed it, and put it into main for use in the game. The result was every line break or new line for items created a "box" before the next line of text.  This also is happening with changing equipment next to the number on stats. Have I broken something?  

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