1. FestivePotato

    Changing Font

    Hello, I decided to change the font for my game by replacing the "main" script to this: So I changed the font to Papyrus, but when I compress the game data into the autoinstaller, the font ends up changing to the default Ace one. How can I fix this?
  2. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Font.deafult_name problem

    So I was reading up the help file for Fonts, and saw that you can feed it an array for Font.default_name so I tried writing this line out: Font.default_name = ["VL Gothic","Arial","Times New Roman"]Which I think should have made it such that if the first font is not there, it will check for...
  3. Font Expertise needed

    Hello I am fairly new to the VX version of software, and I am currently working on a Pokemon game. I Want this game to have:  -Black font -Black as default so its in the menus as well -No font borders  -a way to test and change the default font -A unique cursor for selecting. Not the box...
  4. Napoleon

    bitmap fonts

    Is there already some (build-in) code that allows me to use bitmap fonts? Like I have the numbers 0-9 in a 32x32 grid in a bitmap and I want to use that to display numeric values like scores, hp, mp, etc. Yes I could code one myself but I was wondering if it didn't already exist. Or perhaps it...
  5. Yato

    Standalone without VL-Gothic? Is it possible?

    Maybe it's because I grew up in the 56k era, but when I release a game, I'm always trying to get the file size as small as possible without sacrificing quality. I also make largely custom games, so I prefer to make the files not require the RTP. One thing that has always bugged me is the fact it...
  6. Barishou

    is there someone know how to change the Font style?

    I need some helpful response about this problem of mine. Guys did you know how to change the font style of a certain RPG game project? Hope that you'll help me guys. ;_;  Thanks in advance. :guffaw:  
  7. ShinGamix

    Small text?

     \}\c[6]$clerk_image"\c[2]Shop Keeper\c[6]"\c[0]\{ this line was in a message in fro the demo revenant shop scene  and it had small "mini" text what part of the message makes small/mini text?
  8. Koi

    Changing font only changes title screen font. Help?

    I'm trying to test out different fonts for my game, but whenever I change it (going into "Main" in the script editor), it only changes the font of the title screen. How do I fix this?
  9. Custom Font in Executable Game

    Hi,    I am working on a game and decided very early on to use two specific fonts, one for the title and another for the rest of the game. I got these fonts from dafont.com. Now everything works fine on my end, but when I compress the data and send it out to a friend, the game switches to...
  10. Koi

    Yanfly's Ace Message System script replaced my chosen font. Help?

    I just started using this script for very simple reasons. However, it changed the font I had chosen for the game. Anyone know how to change it back?
  11. bananatron

    Font padding

    I'm not sure if this is where this belongs but I'm looking for where/how I'd change the font padding and/or origin for text in the default menus. When using some custom fonts the text gets cut off at the beginning of the selection and it I'd like to give each selection a few pixels more wiggle...
  12. GrandmaDeb

    Show Text not consistently fitting text in window

    I am using Lite, so changing Fonts is not possible as far as I can tell, because no script lines can change. But when I add text, sometimes the little arrows work as expected, showing where the text will be cut off when I am using a faceset, like this: Show Text Window 1.bmp Show Text...
  13. Archeia

    Bug Fixes List

    Bug Fixes List December 23, 2018 UPDATE: Bug Fixes are now downloadable in .rb format here. VXAce SP1 Bug Fixes Compilation of Official Bug Fix List by Enterbrain. Yanfly Bug Fixes List Composes of bug fixes and visual enchantments. They can be disabled at will. Lonewolf's Unofficial Bug...

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