1. Ai696

    Custom font loading problems

    So I've been trying to load my own custom font for a while. I've followed many guides online, as well as actually gotten a few fonts working. But I've seem to noticed that not all fonts are supported, at least after a lot of testing, and I was hoping to find out why.  The current font I'm...
  2. Kimimant

    My font is too small? Help!

    Hello everyone, thank you for taking your time. So I bought these POP! Horror packs, started a new fun project and I'd like to use the included font "POPit", because I really really like it and the style on this image: But there's the problem: It's so small that I had to increase...
  3. NyanLelo

    Fonts request

    Can someone provide me with a fonts that isn't the default in rpg maker mv. It's getting to look out of place and I have looking for a medieval type of fault, but it's that hard to read. Thanks in advanced!
  4. Fonts and font folder?

    Hey, I started a new project and I wanna have difference fonts in my game, so I was told there is a font folder but I cannot find it? And is there a way to have different fonts for different characters? 
  5. Fonts and font folder?

    Hey, I started a new project and I wanna have difference fonts in my game, so I was told there is a font folder but I cannot find it? And is there a way to have different fonts for different characters? 
  6. King Gerar

    Use more fonts in windows without install

    Hi everybody! I would like to add more fonts for I use in windows. For example: In the Scene_Item, I would use the standard font on Window_ItemCategory and Window_ItemList, but in Window_Help, I want use other font. I tried placing this method on window with different font...
  7. Changing Font Type but Keeping Size (VX Ace)

    Is there a way to change the type of a font but making it bigger? For example, MS Mincho at 9 pt. looks like this: I tried the following: Font.default_name = ["MS Mincho"]Font.default_size = 9I'm aware that the size does not work like that, but what should i do? This makes the text in-game...
  8. Ossra

    RTP Cord-Cutting - Fonts

    Perhaps I am a bit strange, but I enjoy creating self-contained projects (no RTP required) that also use as little hard drive space as possible. Unfortunately, both 'VL-Gothic-Regular' and 'VL-PGothic-Regular' font files are required by the game executable to run regardless of whether the...
  9. AceOfAces_Mod

    Supports Dynamic fonts?

    So, I switched over from Install Creator to Installshield LE for Visual Studio  so I package in the prerequisites with the game (because the launcher that I created needs .NET Framework). Unfortunatelly, the .ttf files (aka the font files) are registered during installation, thus whenever...
  10. IdarG


    I'm just wondering what the heck is wrong with the rpg maker font system. I mean, when I add Lucida Sans (a relatively normal-looking font) it only displays in the menu. And when I add frickin' MANGA SPEAK 2 (a highly irregular font) It displays in the menu, AND in the message boxes. How can a...
  11. Jomarcenter

    free to use Font List/Directory

    Hello, Mostly I notice around the forums that some of you have trouble finding free to use fonts since most of the font sites hosted were not very useful in terms of licenses. And since GrandmaDeb didn't made a list of useful fonts that allows commercial use or any use alone, so I decided to...
  12. Matseb2611

    Fonts and commercial RM games

    I've been reading up about font usage online and I just don't get it. The copyright laws for them seem very convoluted, so I was wondering how other commercial devs handled it. What sort of fonts are allowed in commercial RM games? Say if I used a font that comes with MS Office by default, such...
  13. Earthtian

    Change fonts (I'm such a noob)

    Oh man....sorry for this nooby question.  How can I change the font the game uses? I know its possible but I can't find where anyone has talked about this.  I would like this a lot so if you help THANKS!
  14. Title screen help

    Hey guys, (I hope this thread belongs in here) I just wanted to create a titlescreen by my self but (I have no idea how to start >_>  . I'm using Gimp ) but thats something different. I saw some cool title screens with fonts that looked way better than the original one(probably a script), so...
  15. Solo

    I'm totally confused about the legality of fonts.

    If a font came installed on my computer, do I therefore have a license to it and am I free to use it however I choose, such as in an RM game? Also, legally, is there a difference between simply using a font (setting it as "default" in the script) and actually having it in a "Fonts" folder...
  16. Ultim

    Adding more fonts to the text editor !

    Hi There ! This is a very simple question.Can we add more fonts to the reply and add new topic text editor ? Thank You ?
  17. Misty

    Security file format - Fonts and audio

    Hello everyone, Is there a way to secure my fonts and audio? I want to put them in some kind of secure file format if possible.  Example: Sincerely, ZEFK PS: I don't mean RAR or ZIP. I want to secure them, so not one can just simply copy it. I want to encrypt the files, but still have the...
  18. How to change the font of just the startup screen

    I have found a script add-on that allows you to change the font for the whole game, but I couldn't find one that just changes the startup screens font. Do any of you know how to do this? My maker is vx ace btw.
  19. Conect11

    Free Fonts

    Hello again everyone!    While I've stepped away from RPG Maker for the moment, I haven't stepped away from game design, nor from my love of everything RM. So as I find free resources I hope to share them here in the community. One site I've found is http://www.1001fonts.com/, which you might...
  20. ShadowFox

    (ACE) Yanfly Ace Message System Font Help

    I am currently using YanFly's Ace Message system. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-message-system/ And am wondering if someone could help me tweak this script so that there would be a fonts folder in the graphics folder that the script gets the fonts from instead of...

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