1. Riuyuri

    Setting up a check event needs?

    Sounds weird but is there away of setting a event to be like a check and feed needs of npc like a pet or baby? Like have a timer or maybe there MP drain then HP. Sadly I’m not smart enough to figure it out.
  2. Finnuval

    High Tea Set

    Hi All, Once again it's me :) (MV, RTP matching preferably) This time I am looking for a High Tea cake display thingy like this : for my Victorian Tea Parlor. It would be a great help xD Anyway as always thanks for looking and hopefully someone makes me real happy :D
  3. BlitzMalachite

    The "Food" Thread

    To people from Los Angeles, To Russia, and from many countries. I welcome you to the food thread! *Applause in distance* This thread is where you can post about foods you like! For example, these are my favourite foodies!!! Those are it. I also like Soup, KFC, Ice Cream, & Much More!
  4. Good Alternatives to Fighting

    So I’m designing a game that includes a few different kinds of RPG antics, but the first few involve battles. However, since the character is a child/teenager, I don’t really want to give them any weapons or extremely violent Magic’s, and was wondering, what would be good alternatives for spells...
  5. tale

    com_sho Sweet Home, Sweet Village Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. okasi sample: imgs- kasi, kasi2, kasi3, kasi5 okasiEx sample: [Expansion include more colors and sweet variations.] imgs- kasi, kasi3, kasi5, kasi12 Terms: - You can use this however you like (including commercial...
  6. Finnuval

    Food, please :)

    Hello once again to all of you, This time around I'm looking/hunting for all types of food and ingredients. There are a few RTP ones and I found a hand full of others here on the forum so far but I would like even more :D (for MV) Things like shrimp, lobster dish/ spaghetti/ an omelet/ crepes...
  7. waterrune

    RMMV Amerak Rpg: The Food Magician

    Section A : Synopsis You are a magician who is engrossed with Food Magic ! One day, you stumble upon a magic kingdom that beseeches your help to defeat the Evil One. If you love food, health and nutrition, why not answer the Hero's calling and save the kingdom? Defeat monsters by answering...
  8. Manofdusk

    Restaurants, cooking, and food buffs

     Is there a way to create shops and perhaps crafting stations that give you a buff (rather than an item) when purchased or created?  or perhaps items that are used immediately upon being obtained? Basically, I want players to eat cooked meals as soon as they're cooked (because, really.... who...
  9. Lunarflame

    Food and other items

    This is my very first time making a topic so I hope I'm placing this in the right section. Everything I place here, I've made for a game I'm trying to create but let's face it. Life gets in the way and the time you wish to spend on game making gets spent doing other things. I make pixel pictures...
  10. Uzuki

    What Are Some Good Camping/Rural Food Recipes?

    In my game I decided to take a different approach to how items work and took a page out of the Witcher and Tales of series. Basic healing items, like herbs and mushrooms, and basic food items, like cheese and bread, offer a small amount of healing and are great for healing in the early game. As...
  11. KanaX

    Fancy Food Items

    Here are some, somewhat modern items of the culinary art, for those with fancy palates. They are supposed to be character graphics for events, but I suppose you can use them however you want.   Here's a list of the items above, listing from left to right: Here are some different...
  12. Ms Littlefish

    RMW Health and Fitness Club

    Hello, RMW! As game makers, I’m sure a lot of us can relate to sometimes sitting in our chairs a little too much and maybe eating a few too many snacks as we RM.  Don’t giggle at it but I honestly think improving our habits will improve our games. I had the idea to make this thread as a place...
  13. Maximus32

    Quest for the Best Pie Crust

    QUEST FOR THE BEST PIE CRUST! Genres: Adventure and RPG   Flavors: Modern   Synopsis: This was a project that I made for a class I'm taking at college called "Growing Fruits for Fun and for Profit." Each week we would attend a lecture presented by a professor or researcher discussing a specific...
  14. DarthVollis

    Rotten Food Icons

    I have look all over the net and have not found anything close to what I am looking for. I am looking for rotten food icons. Any body know of any anywhere?
  15. Silent Darkness

    VX Ace RTP-styled trolley/goods stand

    I'm looking for a VXACE-RTP-themed trolley or food stand. The kind that someone might use to go around selling something on the street. I took a look in some RTP edits on here, but haven't been able to find something that fits.
  16. Derahex

    {Early Demo} Destiny is Pastries!

    Thank you for taking some of your precious time to view this here post !   Without further ado, I present :     Destiny is Pastries ! v.0     (As you may imagine, there is a certain food group involved here.)     In this "One of a kind Game", as in, there are probably a million...
  17. lord_steak

    Gotta eat?

    An idea I'm considering, but haven't implemented just yet.  Thought I should what's the take as a general concept before delving deeper. I am considering making food a requirement...not an optional after-battle thing like in the Tales series or relative healing items, but required.  As in, the...
  18. Timespiraled_RPG

    Snack Food Icons

    I've been trying to do some icon art myself and I'm getting pretty good at recoloring other icons but I'm having trouble finding a few. My game uses Snacks as a gameplay component and I was looking for the following kinds of food icons. I plan on recoloring and modifying them to come up with a...
  19. Titanhex

    Thex Hunger and Thirst

    Part of:          Thex Tutorial & Demo Systems DEMO: Thex Hunger and Thirst What is this? Excerpt from the Intro Event comments: A lot of people want a hunger and thirst bar in their game. While I've not seen one executed in a successful RM game, the idea itself still remains popular.  This...

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