for funsies

  1. Zia

    Citali's Art Workshop, specifically character busts and such.

    Since I’m getting back into the habit of using an art tablet, I’ll do some requests to the best of my ability. Want to do a simple sketch? I can do that! Want it colored? Yep, I'll do that. Want something moderately finished? I can try lmao. I’ll do most things minus NSFW or sprites, got to...

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"Everything tastes like chicken until it's chicken, then it doesn't taste like chicken."
Context: chicken samosas do not taste like chicken. I thought it was veggie samosas.
Just another ordinary evening.
This pig girl is a merchant and playable character.
Currently there's no name for her yet. a suggestion is welcomed.
Want for a Nail: I'm trying to figure out what controllers work with MZ, one support thread, a plugin request thread, a dead controller, and a $48 eBay purchase, and a PS1/PS2 USB adapter later. Still stuck with keyboard controls...
RPG Maker Games Critique with Studio Blue: Dying Flame stream starts now! Will we be able to escape the mansion with only the small flame of a lighter to guide our way? Find out live!

Moving day is on May 12! A month from today! I'm finally getting my own apartment!

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