1. Radar

    SV_Enemies Sprite for Actor 3_7

    I wanted to use Actor 3_7 as an enemy and I couldn't find one so I drew this sprite in PS CS6. Free to use no credit required. However if you want to credit my website www.jaymesthompson.com I would appreciate it because I am an illustrator. Thanks!
  2. Lunarcomplex

    Script for End Current Turn in Battle?

    I would like to create an auto battle system, similar to inflation RPG. You encounter an enemy and you attack first, then they attack, and it repeats, you don't really have any other options. In order to do this without plugins I'm trying to force the player to attack which can be done with an...
  3. Modern Tilesets For MV Please?

    Hey, reader! So recently I've been trying to any kind of modern tileset for my game that, you know, supports all the features I need for the games. I can't for the LIFE of me find one that I can use properly or any that look like it would fit with the plot/genre. If any of you reading can help...
  4. ougitou1

    Simple-ish question

    Hello all i have a question that despite the topic may of may not be as simple as i original thought. anyway the question is as follows how do i get the index of a window's elements?  the reason i need this is because id like to use the index as flags for triggering windows to hide or show. i...
  5. Dacuna

    Fixed Version or Patch for In-Depth Maps

    So I've been using this script which lets me walk behind walls: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/2162-in-depth-maps-v20/ It was working fine, until I realized when I saved and restarted the game, the overhead system shuts off and doesn't work anymore. I can fix it by opening up...
  6. Noferatsi

    Help me find portraits and sprites for these battlers?

    Could someone please help me find facesets for these battlers? I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to a few generators too.  :) Here's the site where I got the battlers, too. ^-^ http://cyanyurikago.web.fc2.com/material.html Thanks in advance!
  7. Looking for House Tilesets

    So, I just got RPG Maker VX Ace yesterday because I wanted to try it out. When I made a starting area for my character and was ready to build houses, I noticed that there were no tilesets for house building. I tried looking it up on Google with in multiple different ways, but with no result. I...
  8. pbgamer96

    Game recruitment

    Hello to anyone that is reading this post I'm planing to make a new game using Rpg Maker VX Ace but I need help I started making a game it took me around 40 days but it turned out bad :( But I want to start a new project but I need help with about anything building,coding,etc If you are...
  9. DorkLord

    Need help with For-Next Loop to check player/event collision in range of events

    I understand the logic behind RGSS but I'm not up to snuff on the proper syntax, callwords, etc. Here's what I'm trying to do. I've got a line of events like spikes or lava or whatever behind the player that continually move up in a straight line together forcing the player to keep running...
  10. Joe

    What did you get for Christmas?

    This is a thread where we talk about what we got for Christmas. I'll go first. an hourglass (More like 3 minute glass) $3
  11. How to make a Larger Sprite?

    Hello. And so, as the title says, how do I make larger sprite? Please give me detailed description, please. And thanks for your time. One more question: Am I posting in the right section? Very sorry if not.

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