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  1. JohnDoe666

    Removing the attack message shown when using "Force Action" command

    Hello everyone! How can I remove the message box showing skill's name when using Force Action command during a common event? I'm using Yanfly's Battle Core. I'm pretty sure I saw some games using Force Action without a pop-up. I tried to search for a solution as the issue seems quite easy to fix...
  2. Captain_Joshua

    Force Action: Enemy attacks specific actor?

    In the Force Action tab, the index #1-7 thing is something I don't really understand and after looking it up online, I didn't find any proper answer for this, so... I'm trying to make it so that a specific boss knocks out all actors (ID 2, 3, 4) in the party, except for the main character who...
  3. Bug encounter on battle with Yanfly and Olivia plugin

    Hi Everyone, I am using Yanfly plugins and Olivia plugins and during a boss battle i use some "Force-Actions" when life drop at 50% then 25%. Sometimes the game enter in conflict and sometimes not. I have no clue to know what make this happen. I took a screenshot if someone understand it...
  4. KineticDog

    How to Force Action Multiple Times in the Same Turn with Script

    Hi there. I would like to implement a skill that can randomly chain one or more other skills right after it's been used. After some consideration (Explained in the bottom) I choose to use the function Game_Battler.forceAction, called from a phase tag provided by Yanfly skill core plugin. Now the...
  5. ScorchedGround

    Check if an enemy can act

    My problem is a short one. I want to check whether or not an enemy can act or not during the battle. There is one part of the battle where I force an enemy (force action) to perform a slew of consecutive actions. However, the enemy should only do this action when he can (i.e. is not hindered by...
  6. Achija

    Last Target Index Issue

    Hi There! Long time Lurker first time poster. So I'm having an issue with the last target on the force action system and I understand from this post that there is a bug in it. Problem is I implemented Archeia's...
  7. Aranel

    Force Action command and animation

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to have my main character use commands that will make the other characters use a specific skill. I let the skill call a common event, which let's the 3 other party members use a unique attack skill, by "force action: character X, unique skill, random". This all works...
  8. Icelord888

    Force action on ally?

    Recently I have been doing a lot of battle event-ing in MV and I use force action often, but now I have hit a blocker of sorts, how can I make an actor or enemy cast something on a specific ally? I discovered how to use the Indexes through conditions and variables to make an actor attack or use...
  9. Force action using current character

    So I originally wanted to have an item that does a skill when used. I had a look at the forums and realized that force action is the way to go. Unfortunately, you can't target the current character so it looks like i'll have to use a script. I have no script experience nor do I know how to use...
  10. Magusalfador

    Question regarding Force Actions...

    Hi all! My goal was to make a follow up attack after a basic attack. (Actor 1 makes a skill, Actor 2 makes a follow up basic attack) So I used the force action script call. I assumed that this will just make an actor act out of its turn, and it does, but then I realize it consumes his turn, so...
  11. Force Action in Common Event Script?

    Hey, so I what I am trying to do is create a script that forces an actor to use a skill. Basically I am using a skill on an actor and I need to have that skill force another skill. My problem is that I want the actor id to be stored in a variable and then have that variable referenced in the...
  12. Theguysayshi

    Force Action: Quick question using the script version

    Would anyone mind showing me how is it called? I want to use the script version of "Force Action" as I want to call the command with variables. I've tried: $game_actors[0].force_action(1,0)/ $game_party[0].force_action(1,0) for actors and $game_troop.members[0].force_action(1,0) for enemies...
  13. Skills with Common Events AND Multiple Turns Help

    So I have a character that uses a skill called "calculator" where it calls a common event where you pick numbers and symbols to determine what effect you want the attack to have, then it uses the force action command to do it. I have that part figured out fine, it works perfectly. However, later...
  14. Trasdill

    Skip Actor Turn at Timer End

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to forcibly end an actor's turn, even during their input phase. My goal is to time-limit each actor turn for added tension during combat. I'm using Yanfly's STB as my base system with BARREY_CommonEventsInBattle for running CEs more easily. Here's what my current...
  15. Isabella Ava

    Please Help me to find correct place to insert Else Condition into this plugin

    hi guys, i was looking through of the Mog_chaincombo plugin hoped to modify it myself but it's too complicated for me :| Can you give me a little help? This plugin allow player to force Actor doing another Skill after he's played a skill (if player can press correctly a serial of buttons). What...
  16. Force "attack-loop" with forceAction(...)-command

    Hey guys & girls, so my goal is to archieve a chain of attacking skills via the forceAction(skillid, battler) and BattleManager.forceAction(user) commands. I know there are some plugins out there, that do this kind of stuff, but since I work a lot with java script, I'd like to handle it this...
  17. Ant1989

    Problem with battle events

    I am doing a game in what I at some point I want to make a battle go half of it automatic. To do that I tried event force action attacks with some texts.  The problem is, no matter the order I do on the event list, it always screw me up with the order the thing actually happens. for example...
  18. Is it possible that force action do not ignore player command?

    Hi, and I'm sorry my bad english. For example In battle,   player selects attack command. But because agility of enemy is bigger than actor's, the enemy move first.   And follow enemy's action, force action of actor event is occurred.   the problem is that the turn of actor is...
  19. RPG Maker XP Force Action Cures States Early

    Hey, everyone, this is my first time posting on the forum, so if I make a mistake I apologize.  I am using RPG Maker XP, and I use force actions with a few abilities (such as a geomancy type skill that produces effects based on the location).  Essentially, the character will activate the skill...
  20. cloakedranger

    Force action on turn 0?

    I'm trying to get skills and attacks to be used before the battle essentially starts... using "turn 0" in the troop conditions, I can get other stuff to work, but not force action (since it seems to only work during the turn phase). A friend found this script...

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