1. AdamSakuru

    Yanfly Buff & States Core - force action upon state expiring Go to 6:22 in the video so you'll know what I'm asking about. Does anyone know the syntax that would force the actor who has a state (that lasts a few turns) to perform a skill/action when said state expires? (This would be like a curse...
  2. Znikomek

    Force critical or miss

    Hi, how can i force critical or miss before damage execution with this plugin: ? I tried: <Custom Select Effect> target.result().critical = false; target.result().missed = true; </Custom Select Effect> but without effects :/...
  3. Force "attack-loop" with forceAction(...)-command

    Hey guys & girls, so my goal is to archieve a chain of attacking skills via the forceAction(skillid, battler) and BattleManager.forceAction(user) commands. I know there are some plugins out there, that do this kind of stuff, but since I work a lot with java script, I'd like to handle it this...
  4. MeowFace

    Force Full Screen with No Black Border

    This is for the request here. But since it's only a demonstration of how things works. This script only force the game to run in full screen mode with no black borders. No window mode provided. Script writers, feel free to change it as you like. Features: [1] Force the game to run at full...
  5. Force closing game?

    One of the games that I'm making involves a creepy ending, where the game immediately force closes after viewing the game's credits. Is there a way to activate this action using events, or will this need to involve some script call? I looked around, but I only got answers in the RPG Maker VX...
  6. Silent Darkness

    Force Save without menu

    I'm wondering if there's a script that will force a save to a particular save slot without the save menu showing up.
  7. Droth

    Enemy force action target help

    Hey, So I've been trying to design a boss fight with a mechanic where the boss calls out his target, issues a warning in text and then a turn later uses the skill. I'm using Tsukihime's Cast time script for the delay. So the attack works like this: Boss uses first ability, which chooses a target...

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