1. 48Tentacles

    [Writing] How would you write someone's thoughts?

    Suppose the main character instead of saying a phrase out loud for everyone to hear, he thinks about it for some reason, probably because he doesn't want to offend someone, because he's a spy, or probably because he's Gordon Freeman. I've met writers who write thoughts by a character in...
  2. MushroomCake28

    Font questions for MZ

    Hi everyone! I just have a couple font questions for MZ since I'm terrible with fonts. 1) Which font formats are accepted by MZ? I see that the default font uses .woff. 2) If I use a custom font, will people who play my game need to install the font? 3) Does the font format matter for...
  3. Unexpected file format after bluescreen

    Greetings everyone, my problem is the following... I was working on the final nooks of my game, when suddenly a bluescreen happened. now, when i want to open the Game.rxproj file in order to pick up where i left off/saved the last time, i get the error message "unexpected file format". it only...
  4. ovate

    RMW Forums Tab Alignment (Firefox) [Solved]

    Tab for "Forums" appear on the next line and quick link below "Search Forums" appears to be missing on Firefox. (60.0.1) I did try deleting cache & cookies to see if the format returns, no effect. On the Opera Web Browser looks fine.
  5. 02Aya

    Further game data compression?

    Hello, everyone, I would like some help/advice please >< My first completed rpg game was a visual novel, it had voice acting, screenshot scenes of 3d models used, and it ended with a video. I was learning as I made it, so only about halfway through did I think to render the screenshots into...
  6. mogwai

    MV Message Spelling and Format Tester

    I'm disappointed in the recent MV spellcheck plugin I just made because it only works in browsers and not in the playtest window. So I figured if I need to be in a browser to spellcheck anyway, why not just do my message preview testing in a browser. (so I revived an old project) This is an...
  7. Script on Site Formatted Wrong

    I've been looking at a custom menu script that Shaz posted a couple of years ago, before the site overhaul. The problem is that the script has all of the "new line marks" were deleted, most likely by the overhaul. This is what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/5F6gDCO.png Can we fix the...
  8. piqueRAJ

    Unexpected File Format!?

    Sooooo I tried opening a game file and an error message saying "Unexpected File Format" popped up. The game file was working just fine not 3 hours ago. This is the second game that's happened with, none of which were big projects but I wish I knew what was happening or how to fix it before it...
  9. _Shadow_

    TUTORIAL: How to convert music and video files. A tutorial on FFMPEG

    So here comes something new. Forget about expensive converters. Forget about programs that can't export to ogg or whatever you need. This is big so I putted it into a spoiler button. Press it to read it. Here is what you can do: Instead of reading the spoiler, read this pdf file I made...
  10. Tornado Samurai

    How to Format VXA Graphic Image for XP?

    Hello everyone! I recently picked up a small project I did in XP and decided to edit it a bit. And I wanted to use the sparkly item graphic from VXA's "!Flame" photo into XP, but the only problem is, I can't select one single item, it groups it. Like so: What should happen: This ends up...
  11. CrypticCuddler

    Face Tilesets..

    Hi again everyone. First of all, I apologize in advance for posting this topic if there is already a thread regarding it, but nothing came up on the search bar of this kind of information. Alright, so for the dating sim game I'm starting, I have produced atleast up to 8 different expressions...
  12. Misty

    Crediting format

    How do I format Enterbrain in credits?
  13. Helladen

    Ruby Format

    Can you add ruby format to attachments?

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