formation script

  1. Suikoden Style Tavern MV

    Hi everyone, greetings :D As the thread title says, I need a script for MV with the capabilites of giving the player to recruit characters and customize their party. This is somewhat similar to Yanfly's large party system, but with some differences; If you don't know Suikoden's classic...
  2. Looking for tactical system

    Hi, I am looking to add a bit of tactical thinking to my game, so here is what i am looking for: Resource type: Tactical formation system. Maker format: RPG maker MV Art style: - Description: I am looking for a system that can be used to create formations. I am looking for a basic one that has...
  3. Wrong Number of Arguments- compatibility issue.

    I'm working with a personally modified version of Falcao ABS Pearl and his Mouse system. I'm using the mouse script to change the direction of the player...

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