1. Question about party member swapping

    Hello, im new to rpg maker mv and I have been looking for a way to make event npc's of possible party members that when you speak with them it will let them swap out for other party members or just give flavor text if they are already in the party. Does anyone have any ideas for how to implement...
  2. midgardsormr

    Lock Formation Leader MZ

    Lock Formation Leader MZ by Midgardsormr Introduction Locks the first Actor in the party, it cannot be changed using the Formation command in the Menu (but you can still change it using Event commands). Free to use under CC BY 4.0 license (just credit me in your game and insert the following...
  3. ovate

    Battle Formation (ver. 1.7)

    MPP_SpecialFormBattle - 2020/01/21 (ver. 1.7) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Create battle formation such as back attack and side attack. Enemy Troop Command: <Preemptive> # Preemptive strike <Surprise> # Surprise attack <Invert> # Flip...
  4. LunaCyclone

    Creating a Simple Row System

    Hey! I'm having trouble with Yanfly's Row Formation. All I want is the classic Final Fantasy rows, where any character can be targeted, regardless of row, and their position on the battlefield does not change (maybe with some slight variance in how far forward they are). Yanfly's row system...
  5. Xina

    Conflict with Yanfly Visual Battlers and Party System?

    I am currently using Yanfly Visual Battlers & Yanfly Party System as well as numerous other scripts which I don't believe are related to this problem. Just in case, though, here is my full list of scripts:
  6. Xina

    Need to switch actors in battle

    I am currently using CP's Battle Engine v1.2b, which has an option to switch actors upon command but I need to force a switch with a common event. That's easy enough to do, using Remove Party Member and Add Party Member, BUT the problem is when I use that method it automatically changes the...
  7. Is there a javascript command that opens the formation window?

    I'm rather new with javascript, having only worked with it on this engine. I'm trying to add the ability to change your formation in battle, exactly like you would outside of battle. I've got to the point where "Formation" is a select-able option in battle, but I can't figure out how RM:MV...
  8. Suikoden Style Tavern MV

    Hi everyone, greetings :D As the thread title says, I need a script for MV with the capabilites of giving the player to recruit characters and customize their party. This is somewhat similar to Yanfly's large party system, but with some differences; If you don't know Suikoden's classic...
  9. jessee_p

    Several existing plug-ins in one [MV]

    Hey guys, So I have two requests. #1 These two plug-ins are not compatible with each other, but I really want to use them. Plug in: Yanfly's Party System Purpose: 5 actors in party Plug in: Nina's Battle Formations Purpose: Preset formations and actor positioning. Each position having its...
  10. AdamSakuru

    [SOLVED] YED Sideview Battler + Yanfly Row Formation [Visual Error]

    I won't be linking both plugins because the issue is actually with a part of Yanfly's Row Formation not accounting for battler sprites that don't follow the default format. Yanfly's Row Formation: Look at the attached image, the first actor...
  11. Force a Formation change within Events

    When I force a change of formation in a script call, The formation changes but the character sprite does not. $game_party.swap_order(0, 1) I'm using this code. I'm then stuck with two characters who have the same sprite.
  12. Mouse formation arrow clicker

    Hello rpg maker fans! I have stumbled on a problem i can't fix nor find the fix on internet. I have a game where i use only the mouse and i have more than 4 characters in the game. When i want to change the formation on these actors the arrow for changing the actors are really small.. This will...
  13. Mugmun

    <SOLVED> Can Character Formation Affect Events?

    Hi, I'm new here, and I just downloaded RPG Maker 2003 a week ago, so there's probably a lot I still don't know. I was wondering if I could make events happen if a party formation is in a specific way. Ex: You can only get through to a new area if X is on the map. I was hoping to make places...
  14. Looking for tactical system

    Hi, I am looking to add a bit of tactical thinking to my game, so here is what i am looking for: Resource type: Tactical formation system. Maker format: RPG maker MV Art style: - Description: I am looking for a system that can be used to create formations. I am looking for a basic one that has...
  15. formation

    Hi, I got question about how to open formation by javascript. SceneManager.push(Scene_Menu); SceneManager.push(Scene_Item); SceneManager.push(Scene_Skill); Something like this to lead me to the formation scene? Thanks.
  16. Black Noise

    Need help for YEP Row Formation & Skill Learn Plugins

    Row Formation This game I am making right now is going to strictly feature a front-view battle system while using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin. Of course, I assume the position settings are made with the side view in mind and I know squat about such complicated coding. I'm wondering if anyone...
  17. Nathyn171

    [Solved] How to open the Formation menu via events?

    I want the player to only be able to change the formation of the actors when interacting with a certain event. Is there a script call or something that I can use to open said menu?
  18. CallMeKerrigan

    Keep changing formation from changing character sprite?

    I noticed that the player can change formation and make another party member the leader of the party, changing the character sprite. I was wondering if there was a way around this because it makes the cutscenes look silly where it is supposed to be the main character and another party member...
  19. fjkv

    YEP - Selection Control Help

    Hi, I'm a beginner working on my first RPG Maker MV project and I've encountered a problem attempting to create a battle system with multiple rows. I'm trying to make a battle system with 5 rows where melee attacks target only the first row, and ranged attacks target only the back 4 rows. I'm...
  20. Yanfly Row Formation State change timing issue.

    I'm using Yanfly's Row Formation Plugin to make a custom battle system and have run into a snag that has me tearing my hair out the past couple days. So, what I want to do is simple in theory. I want a skill that moves my character to the back row and fires his bow. I've got all that set up and...

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