1. ts50

    Your forum name?

    I'm curious: why did you choose your forum name? As for me, I played Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion a while ago, and I chose the "Nightblade" class, a cross between a rogue and a mage. It was my favorite class to play, so it's now my online handle. The 50 is arbitrary.
  2. Nilom

    Changing Username or eMail?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this kind of questions. I would like to change my username. Is that possible? I created it more than 6 years ago and it is not my current username that I use nowadays. My second question is. Can I somehow change my eMail adress, although my...
  3. CxNxRx

    Change "Commercial Game Releases" Sub-forum Bio

    I am just proposing to change the bio of the commercial game releases section to something a bit different, mostly because Steam Greenlight has been defunct for quite a while and this has most likely gone under the radar of most people. I suggest to change it to something along the lines of "Do...
  4. RPG_Lover

    I decided to Return!!!

    Hey there, If any of you from the old rpgmakervx.net Forum...Well I hope you remember me, I am RPG_Lover (Demon of the Forum) I just wanted to make that little announcement that it is the real me. I am the Same RPG_Lover from back in the old community and I would like to see some old faces if...
  5. ts50

    ADMINS - Here is how to allow anyone to change their username.

    Hey. So I saw that the forum software is XenForo. With it users cannot change their username. But I looked into it and found a few things. Now this is for the admins in case they want to allow users to change their username. @Touchfuzzy @Lunarea @Archeia Here it is...
  6. ts50

    Glitch with comments on profile posts?

    Hello. So I commented on another member's status. Some other people did so. And then I clicked "view previous comments". But when I did so, I got an error message at the top of the page. See the picture below in a spoiler. The text I clicked has a red box around it. (I edited it in GIMP to show...
  7. ts50

    Becoming a moderator

    How would a user on this forum become a moderator? (This post is really short, but I don't know what else to say :hswt:)
  8. GoodSelf

    Payment could not be processed

    Hey folks! I'm having an issue processign a payment on the the RPG Maker Web store using my debit card. All the information is correct, and I confirmed everything with my bank today, but I keep recieving this error message: Payment could not be processed, please check the details you...
  9. Iliketea

    How can I make a blog?

    Hi I have a question? Now that there is no member+ anymore, can everyone make a blog? And if yes, how? Because while someone I know has the possibility to make a blog entry via the create button I do not :/
  10. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Can't proceed with payment on Forum Store

    I have been trying to buy some music and graphics pack from the forum store today but upon the confirm and pay step, the payment area is blank and when I click "Place Order and Pay" the next page tells me that there was an error processing the payment and tells me to try another method or...
  11. Silent Darkness

    Looking for a clarification on Resource Thread Rules

    I just wanted to get some clarification regarding the rule on Resource Threads where if you have an update to make, you can bump the topic once per day. By that, does that mean every 24 hours? Or just simply the next day?
  12. Artificer

    About editing a Topic

        This MSG appears to me when trying to actualize the post but i am not sure of the reason... is the amount of words? is the characters amount? Thanks in advance. This is the...
  13. _Shadow_

    RSS Feeds. Seems like abandoned.

    Are the RSS Feeds abandoned? I mean I see some posts from 2013 as first 10 and yes, I do use RSS Feeds, I find them very convenient. Not a real issue, I can live without it, but I was just wondering if they are abandoned or not.
  14. Silent Darkness

    Help with Nobody Battles music pack

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area, I wasn't quite sure. Around christmas time last year, I won a copy of the Nobody Battles music pack for download through the forum. Unfortunately, I don't recall how to get it again. Could someone refresh my memory? EDIT OF JUSTICE: e_e I'm an idiot...
  15. Solo

    What other forums do you/have you belonged to?

    Just thought I'd make a little social topic like this. So, do you frequent any other forums? Are there any forums you used to visit, that you might have fond memories of? The first forum I ever joined was that of Video Gamer X's Odyssey of Hyrule. I can't even remember how long ago it was...
  16. DorkLord

    Which forum to post an example project with fully commented event code?

    I made a noscript slot machine fully evented from scratch, fully commented as an editable/playable (VXAce) map and I would like to share it and was just wondering what the proper forum/subforum would be for it?  It's not a game really although it's something someone could use in a game, it's not...
  17. Zahuranecs

    Need Some Assistance Please...

    I am not sure if there is a special forum for help, but I would like some help in figuring out some of the forum formatting... More specifically, I would like to know how people make the spoiler boxes... Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  18. Silent Darkness

    Gradient progress bar

    I know this seems silly, but i'd like to request a set of progress bar graphics to put in my signature. A oval-shaped meter, with the filler being a gradient that goes from red to green, left to right. If anyone would help me with that, that would be great...thanks. so stupid.
  19. Joe

    Can someone make me these sprites?

    Can someone make me a sprite of this character, except he looks like he's falling? I REALLY need it for my game, so it would be great if someone could make these for me.

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