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  1. GreenTree-Studios

    RMMZ How do I draw character sprites onto a custom scene outside of windows?

    I am going to try one last approach to redoing the fossil fighters-style cleaning scene. This time with character sprites that change depending on the currently equipped tool's interaction with the rock. This is the sprite sheet I'm using for the fossil trapped inside said rock: And this is...
  2. GreenTree-Studios

    RMMZ Is there a faster, more efficient way to add multiple of the same child?

    Sorry that I constantly turn to you guys for help, but I am in a bit of a situation right now. I am currently attempting to make multiple of the same child but each clone is somewhere near or around the original. Almost like tessellated hexagons, except instead of drawing primitive, I’m using...
  3. GreenTree-Studios

    RMMZ ImageManager.loadBitmap not finding specified file.

    Hey, it’s me again, I am attempting to load a bitmap based on a custom directory in the Img folder: img/excavating/ The code is as follows: var Excavating = Excavating || {}; Excavating.XS = Excavating.XS || {}; Excavating.XS.version = 1.00; Excavating.Parameters =...

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