1. Leokids

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4

    Lets Talk about This Newer PS2 Game Which Is Released in 2007 in Japan And 2009 Worldwide. NARUTO SHIPUDDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA 4!
  2. atoms

    4/5 playable characters. Would you like to customize them with classes all at once or unlock more?

    Second question. How would you handle the mechanics with what you voted for? Optional question. Can read my setup below too, also optional. How would you go about doing this yourself? This second question is optional for those who just want to vote and not discuss, but I still encourage...
  3. GalacticGod

    Fantastic Four Character and SV Battler Sets

    Continuing on into the Marvel Universe; I've now created a set of the Fantastic Four. I've completed both the character and SV Battlers for them. To get the Human Torch character sprite to have a constant flame look; make sure to have his event set to stepping (otherwise the flame wont look...
  4. Golden Unicorn Gaming

    HP Display on Menu

    Community, I use VX Ace and have Yanfly Ace and Yanfly Core Engine... This is probably easily solved.  My main character just recently hit 1000HP+.  When I access the menu, it no longer shows the HP as... 1008/1008. Instead it shows... 1008.  See here... When he is below...
  5. Zacyia

    A forum Beginners Question!

    Ok, I'm guessing this has been asked before but here goes: How do I make a spoiler? That thing that can hide or show information? I warned you! Beginners Question!

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