1. Bosiphas

    Need a nine-tailed fox walking sprite

    RPGM MV If someone could make one or if they could share a resource that is already made I would appreciate it! As close to this as possible: As well if someone could edit this character to have 9 tails and fox ears please and thank you
  2. maigmemple

    Looking for a fox sv sprite

    hey guys I’ve been looking for a fox side view battler for MV And I’ve had no luck So if anyone has made one or knows where one is please hit me up I appreciate it ☺️
  3. Fox Sprite?

    Hello! I am working on my first official non-fan-game RPG Maker game: Creatures. I am looking for someone to either find/make a spritesheet for the main character: Jake. I am making it in RPG Maker MV. I would like it to look somewhat realistic, but it cannot look really realistic because of the...
  4. JP Levels

    FoxJPLevels.js (v1.0.4)   About: This Plugin adds levels to the Yanfly's JobPoint System, like Final Fantasy Tactics had. It allows for restrictions on what skills your allowed to buy with the SkillLearnSystem based on the current classes' Job Level. It allows for restrictions on what class...

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