1. DK

    FPS Meter

    Author: DK Version: 1.0 Description: Shows the extended FPS meter. Requirements and dependencies: Availability of working plugin DKTools version 5.0.0 or above Version of RPG Maker 1.6+ Features: Shows up to 300 points You can assign to any key on the keyboard Indicates the minimum...
  2. tale

    FPSMeter Themes (2)

    SA_FPSMeter_Customizer - 2018/04/29 (Ver 18.2) Creator name: seea Overview 2 themes for FPS Meter Features - It's possible to select theme through parameter. Required - rpg_core.js v1.5.1 or v1.6.0 Preview 1.Default plus 2.Mini Credit and Thanks: seea Terms of Use- Free for...
  3. Jonforum

    Auto Start FPS Meter ? [SOLVED]

    Hi ! Someone would have an idea to how automatically start the FPS meter from chrome? I'm talking about this option I created a code that allows each startup to start the console. but i didn't find the class to allow auto boot this FPS and GPU memory meter...
  4. gmestanley

    Customizing fpsmeter.js

    So, RPG Maker now has a plugin that adds a FPS meter, which is kind of great since games from nowadays use fps meters to show how fast or slow they are running. However, I want to customize this plugin to make it my way, adding a second number (for example: 60 FPS would become 60.00 FPS) so...

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