1. Ludi_Tarantula

    RMMV [Horror RPG] The Rebirth of Franklin Albrecht [Currently in re-styling]

    A game by Ludi Tarantula The rebirth of Franklin Albrecht Possible poster remake for graphic improvement The world of the living intertwines with the world of the dead Story Frankie wakes up chained to a bed. He just wanted to denounce his father’s crimes. Perhaps he should have...
  2. GalacticGod

    Frankenstein Character Sprite

    Happy Halloween Everyone! I made a quick little Frankenstein character sprite to help celibate the holiday. Feel free to use it as you like, :) Frankenstein Character Sprite (Credit: GalacticGod, Kadokawa, Jack Saintsworth, & Random)
  3. xXAinSophAurXx

    Ain's RTP Battler Frankenstein Edits

    Hello there! I'm just here to share some battler edits I made over the last few days. Most were for fun, some I plan to use and some I don't but you can use any you'd like! I would appreciate credit but please do credit Kadokawa as well since these are just frankensteins of the standard RTP...

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Hope he recovers fast :|
Looks like it's functional:
It's a common thing to forget eating &drinking while you are working concentrated, right?
If I had discovered RPG-Maker before moving together with my girlfriend, I'd have died of dehydration a long time ago.
trying to change my picture & got screwed up...
I've been busy working on my next music pack, and I've also been busy composing some personal compositions. Depending on the type of mood and setting, sometimes I just really love the sound of music created in lofi mono. It has its charm.

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