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  1. KaiWeWi

    Kai's resources for MV

    Hey everyone! I hope you are making good progress with all of your projects. Here are some small presents that might be useful to you. Some are my own original work, others are MV RTP edits. (If you want to use those you must have a licence of RPG Maker MV.) My original work posted in this...
  2. Failivrin

    Failivrin's Freesources

    Say you're a fenomenal picksel artist but you can’t even spell it correctly. Did you ever wish there was an RTP for writing? There are resources and discussions to help writers, but nothing like the simplicity of downloading characters, tilesets and music tracks. Writing is my strong suit, and...
  3. Rinobi

    State Stages (Stacking States Improved)

    State Stages Stacking States Improved This script allows states to be applied in controlled stages or levels. Basically, when a state is applied multiple times to a battler, instead of resetting the state or stacking another on time of it, the state will ‘advance’ to the next predefined state...
  4. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping questions

    I want to set a new game so I can develop it using parallax mapping techniques. That means I wanna use two pictures, one under the hero level and one above that level. I can understand how to make such pictures using image editing software and layers, so let's not bother with that part. Also...

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