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  1. Car driving script request/question (GTA Style)

    Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me  :)   Im looking for a way to make a car in RPG maker VX ACE to have acceleration, Brakes and smooth turning i know using some Victor Ace scripts i can get multiple frames for the wheels but i was wondering if anyone has a way to make a...
  2. FestivePotato

    Jeoffery's Revenge

    NOTE: The following was copied from the game's Greenlight page, which you can visit here. The game's development was started over due to various reasons, so screenshots will will vary from this forum post to the Greenlight page. Both current screenshots and pre-alpha screenshots will appear...

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Definitely glad I haven't released a few of my plugins that are technically done. As I learn more, I find ways to make my code more efficient, and in one case so far, discovered an existing function that did EXACTLY what I created my own function to do.
So I was kinda recommended a manga to learn a few drawing tips, I dunno if it will actually work, but I'm liking the story lol
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Episode 16 let's go! We're making an RPG in RPG Maker MZ! This week... even more mapping, we're almost done with all the mapping for our first dungeon!

I have big news. I just got hired at a Mexican restaurant! They're like Chipotle but a bit different... and my job will be taking orders some days, delivering food other days, and of course, making customers happy. My orientation is on Tuesday. Once I start, I might disappear from here sometimes, but I'll always try to come back!

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