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  1. LanuemAmero

    Free to use multi-genre music!

    Hi, I'm Lanuem Amero, music composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I wanted to share this couple songs I'm releasing for free use in my SoundCloud. There's a couple different genres so make sure to take a look because maybe the first one does not fit with what you were looking for but maybe...
  2. l0nelysaturn

    Saturn's Pokemon Resources

    Hello, and welcome to my thread! I wanted to make a pokemon fangame a while ago but felt it would be a bit tough for me, since I know virtually nothing about scripting and don't know any plugins for pokemon battles. In the future, I may try to make the fangame of my dreams, but I at least want...
  3. Bitcat

    Bit's free stuff

    I was experimenting but decided not to use these, they aren't the best but I figured maybe someone might find a use for them. I kind of want to fiddle and make some more tiles but on different themes so I'd like some ideas, I'm probably going to make some school tiles soon-ish as well. (I'll fix...
  4. Tr4sh-C4n

    AI assistance voice

    Hello people ! I'm working on a A-Rpg type of game, there will be voices combined with text and stuff like that. So i made these "sentences" coming from a robot/AI character. I'm not sure it will be realy useful due to the fact it's not the thing you'll be searching for a long time, but...
  5. Strange_Dragon_99

    Strange_Dragon_99's Resources {UPDATED}

  6. Makio-Kuta

    Maki's Chibi RTP (VX and later VX-ACE)

    Hello! I decided to take on the ever daunting task of redrawing the RTP characters in a my goofy style for busts and facesets. I'll be trying to do all of the characters in the VX and VX-Ace RTPs, but this will take some time! So please be patient. I've only got a few done so far, but felt like...
  7. Silent Darkness

    100% Free to Use Game Ideas/Storyline Concepts

    I thought i'd crack open a fresh thread on here, where people can post any game concepts or storyline ideas that you don't mind anyone else using. Royalty-free, as it would be :3 A communal pool of cool ideas that someone can pick through. Who knows, maybe it will spawn some projects, or even a...

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