1. JorgeMaker

    Dragon Engine - Super Smooth Camera

    S.S.C Dragon Engine - Super Smooth Camera (1.01) by Jorge Introduction This plugin generates a delay effect in the movement of the camera until it stabilizes in focus, creating an fancy smooth effect! It also provides several functions that can help you create cool effects in the cutscenes of...
  2. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects Introduction This plugin provides a option to add fog effects on the game screen. Easy to use and configure, you can set all fogs you desire in a few clicks. How to Use Just insert the plugin and configure its parameters. Video Plugin...
  3. Bit By Bit Sound

    SNES style Royalty Free RPG music

    Hey everyone! I've been making a bit of SNES style royalty free music recently and thought I would share here. I aim to make at least 1 new song a week to upload to my youtube channel. If you do use some of my music, please provide credit to me (word doc with instructions in the download)...
  4. rooge

    Rooge Cursor blinking

    Rooge Cursor blinking by Rooge Version: 1.0 L.U.: 8/21/2020 Purpose: This plugin only removes the blinking cursor on all menus. It's for those who don't like this element as much as I do. How to Use: It's only plug & play - nothing else. Place it in the plugin folder and enable it in the...
  5. GotMop

    Framed Artwork

    Ever play a game and then just stop for a moment to enjoy the artwork on the walls? This is my first attempt at creating a framed artwork sprite that could be utilized within a game. Very often, I find that developers lack the resources or don't notice the value when creating an in depth...
  6. Raexxar

    FREE Need anime bust/scene artist

    Who I need? I am looking for artist that could draw for me busts and/or scenes in anime style for my game. It would be also appreciated if that person could draw monsters/animals etc. but it's not necessary. As you can see, this thread is in Project Recruitment and not in Resource Requests...
  7. kaffe

    - Ignore post -

    Hey all, so I have a generally basic question - do you / would you play games made with RTP (that is, the default assets that come with RPG Maker?) I do, and have. I have even bought and enjoyed some that use a lot of RTP. To me, if the game-play and/or story are good them I tend not to care so...
  8. Aiji

    A Few Portraits I've Made

    I've recently started making some portraits for a visual novel that we're making that we're not going to use in a speaking role, so I'd figured I'd share with anybody who could use them in their projects. Free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects. Please credit as Mimi Huey if...
  9. Jesse - PVGames

    Free Assets - Christmas Krampus

    I was thinking of making something fun for Christmas so I thought to myself: "who is the most beloved Christmas figure of all time?" -- The answer was simple. Krampus, of course! And then I asked myself: "what's better than Krampus?" The answer came quickly. Two Krampi! Of course, that begs...
  10. Kentaro_

    Free Horror Assets

    Hello, I create some Horror Overlays and Game Over Screens. Terms: Free to use in any Projects. You can edit the Overlays. Please dont share or sell this Assets. Credit: "Kouske" or "Kentaro" Informations: All Pictures are in .png with a Res of 816x624 px. You can use the Overlays with a...
  11. Kristoffer

    More monsters?

    Hey, I am very new to the whole RPG maker thing, is it possible to get more monsters sprites, without having to pay for them?
  12. k7tormento

    Music producer and beatmaker

    Hi, i wanted to show you guys my demo reel and tell you i'd love to make music for newbie or early projects! If someone is needing a hand with that, i'm free for that. This is it: Also, i would like to know what do you think about it, what can i be better in. Then if you make music too, drop...
  13. CluelessCat

    FREE "Sailor Albert’s Sugoi RPG Adventure ^w^" Recruitment!

    He is the one named Sailor Albert~ ~Welcome~ Hello everyone and thank you for coming out here today! After years of wishing, and wanting to make a game about a penguin that loves to cosplay, I've finally got the chance to go for it! However this will be a lot for one person alone, so I've...
  14. Christin

    Christin's Ace Resources

    Christin's RPG Maker VX Ace Resources Hello :) Feel free to ask, if you have any Questions about my Resources. Credit: Christin Non-Commercial/Commercial: Both allowed. Gimme please a Link to your Project, when you release :) Repost/Repost Edits: Yes, but Credit me and give a Link back to...
  15. Gabbypie64

    Free for Commercial Use

    Terms of Use & Credit Template Credit: Gabbypie64 @ Non-Commercial: free Commercial:Free(if you want more tiles tell me and I might add for a fee) Repost:Yes but link to me Edits: yes but link me Repost of Edits: yes but link me
  16. VaiJack8

    VaiJack's Music Place

    Hi, I write classical, rock, metal, epic, symphonic, fantasy, baroque and medieval music on my SoundCould. You can download it for free, and keep checking the page because it's often updated with new free songs. Thanks :v
  17. _Shadow_

    I need the community's opinion on something.

    I plan to make a tutorial that will distill all the knowledge gathered around our forum members, on copyright issues, intellectual property issues, what you should do, what you are allowed to do, what you should not do and stuff like that, with a lot of details, so people can be educated on that...
  18. CalebW

    Caleb's Sprites & Battle Animations

    Hey RPG Maker's, I have been practicing creating sprites as I'm in creation of my own game currently. I noticed... there just wasn't enough monster sprites for 4 - way animations. Now there are a few amazing creators that have them, however, I wanted to offer some to the community as well...
  19. VitaliaDi

    Advertising your game..?

    The views on my game finally went down to basically zero. It was doing well for a while. I've made use of these forums, reddit, and also trying to network directly with Youtubers/streamers. I got a few to play it. And I can see a trend with how active I am on forums and things. But I feel like...
  20. homietwin

    FREE RPG In Early Development (LOOKING FOR MANY)

    CODE NAME: ESSENCE Hi Everyone, This is a project I had actually started 2 years ago. I had begun recruiting for help with it when very unexpected death happened in my family which pushed everything on a back burner. I am at a point in my life where I am ready to relaunch this project and find...

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