1. RMMZ Project Alldevaih (A Short Narrative Game)

    Hello, I recently released a free game on Itch and would be grateful for any comments or feedback. Link Below https://pehriska-games.itch.io/project-alldevaih About the Game You play as Mercury Shaw, having recently settled into a new life in a new city, you get a call from an old friend...
  2. Mjolk

    RMMV Free Turn Battle System

    Hello. Is there a free (character select) turn system for MV like this?
  3. goosetrava

    will make tilesets

    i will make a custom tiles set for free. all i need is a color palette, size, and what the tileset is of (horror game, props, walls, etc.) extra request can be made at your own risk. ps, these are just tilesets, not spritesheets, windowskins, or anything else. example:
  4. KazukiT

    FREE One's Desolation - Looking for Playtesters

    I just recently finished the full game of my game "One's Desolation". One's Desolation is an adventure horror game that controls on a 2D plane. (similar to a platformer) There are scenarios where your choices can affect whether or not the main character can make it out alive. This game is very...
  5. theunderscoregreg

    RMMZ Vamps for the Memories

    ABOUT VAMPS An undead lord is terrorizing the countryside and every hunter in the realm is clamoring to be the first to stake'm! Play as two hunters who band together in their quest to defeat the new evil first! Explore creaky basements, magic temples, castles, and public parks! This is a cozy...
  6. Broliant112

    Free Week???

    Apparently it's "free week" for RPGMMZ? Sorry if this is in the wrong category, but is this real? Does this end after the 4 days?
  7. RPGMVNoob

    Alternative Game Over Screens | *FREE*

    Alternative Game Over Screens
  8. RPGMVNoob

    Movie Posters | FREE - [large]

  9. Mercedes90

    FREE: Insect character Sprite sheet; "Cockroach"

    As far as I know, there are barely any real good insect character sprite sheets, and most I've found were way too fancy... So, I've made one cockroach sheet for my game today and thought it would be nice to share it. Free for Commercial Use and Non-Commercial. No Copyright. No Rights Reserved...
  10. LMPGames

    RMMV Layered HP Gauges V0.5 [Updated]

    Hello! I am back with a new plugin. Details below. As always, if you find any issues, please let me know. As an FYI, the demo is pretty barebones. I will be fleshing it out and giving it my usual demo story spin once I figure out what the plugin commands and scripting support will be used...
  11. jigida70

    Faces and Busts

    Here I present some faces and busts I created with Daz Studio. If anyone wants to use them for commercial or non-commercial, go ahead.
  12. RMXP Dystopian Chernobyl - The rpg

    Hello everyone! We are Studio_CCH booksANDgames, a group of friends who want to try their hand at creating indie rpg games and writing books and fan fictions! Each of our projects will be completely free and non-profit. We want to present one of our projects: Dystopian Chernobyl - The rpg...
  13. Cottoneko

    FREE Searching people for developing a horror game!

    Hello, Cottoneko is here!~ My goal (as a creator and admin, who's working with the engine) is to make a team of talented people, such as artists (promo, CG, sprites), animators, video editors, composers, and of course, voice actors! No matter if you didn't have experience in video game...
  14. l0nelysaturn

    Saturn's Pokemon Resources

    Hello, and welcome to my thread! I wanted to make a pokemon fangame a while ago but felt it would be a bit tough for me, since I know virtually nothing about scripting and don't know any plugins for pokemon battles. In the future, I may try to make the fangame of my dreams, but I at least want...
  15. KeeperNovaIce

    RMVXA Lost Legend - Tale of the Mursan Knights

    Synopsis: You play as Klayton. An elf-adventure keen on taking odd jobs. One day a friend of yours; Lauren approaches you. Her Master Sorcerer Zel'ema asks that you retireve something of importance. Something known as an Earth Sphere from the sealed cave of Majul just a short ways west of Lyea...
  16. Bian817B

    Resident Evil: Code Veronica [Fan-made SPRITES] RPG Maker VX Ace

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resident Evil: Code Veronica [Fan-made SPRITES] RPG Maker VX Ace...
  17. OcRam

    RETRO Plugin Command UI

    Hello all RPG Makers out there! One day Drakkonis came up with an idea that MV should need plugin command UI similar to MZ! AND NOW IT DOES! Please note that this tool is made for RETRO (v0.10 and above) link to thread...
  18. neko_ene1ove

    FREE Need people for working on a project!!!

    Hey there, it's Cottoneko! Recently, I've decided to ask for help. I've been working on a project for almost 1 year (all by myself: drawing, programming, scripting) and I realised I can't take this anymore. I'm the creator of RPG Maker MV game called "Werewolf Game". The game is pretty simple in...
  19. GoodSelf

    Reward Tracker Graphics (16x16, 32x32, 48x48)

    Hello Friends! I made these little trackers for a project I'm working on and figured I would share them here. I plan to use them to track in-game rewards the player collects on their journey. Feel free to edit if you like - they should hue shift really well to fit your needs. I hope someone...
  20. Platinum_CRuX

    Lofi/Retro/'Chiptune' System Sound Effects [Free/Any use]

    Hi all, recently I started creating a retro-styled RPG, and felt that the system sound effects (cursor, decision, buzzer, etc.) provided in RPG MV/MZ were a bit too modern for my tastes. So, I took the vanilla MZ system effects and ran them through a bit crusher & limiter to create a fresh set...

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