1. kendrik45

    Lost: Land Of the Silent Travelers

    Hello RPG Maker Community, You can call me Ken and I am assembling a team for a game called L.O.S.T. (Land of the Silent Travelers). This project is aiming to be a commercial game. If you all can persevere with the team, then you will receive an equal cut of the game's financial yield.  You...
  2. ImmortalAmpharos

    Looking for specific hair/eyes for main character

    I've been trying for hours to replicate one of my anime character OC's in RPG Maker MV art style/format. However, I don't like the hairstyles or eyes for the males in the generator. Attached is a picture of the base, and I'm trying to make an RPG Maker MV character that looks like the character...
  3. ImmortalAmpharos

    Looking for sprite/portrait artists

    I recently began working on a large project called Élan. It is a story of 3 different dimensions. 2 of the dimensions are inversely proportional regarding good and evil. So, if you are good in one dimension, there is an anti-you that will be evil. The more good you are, the more evil your clone...
  4. Geebekay

    Tales of Ableon - Project recruitment (MV)

    Tales of Ableon, a medieval fantasy RPG game Introduction Hello there, my name is Geebekay and I'm currently working on a project named "Tales of Ableon" (the name itself is a subject to change). Ever since I was a young guy I have always had a really wide imagination. I have always...
  5. Spindaboy

    Final Fantasy Fan Game | Assembling Dev Team

    I am currently gathering members for the Dev team I am assembling and have yet to find someone who can test/rebalance enemies. I am willing to offer to play test anyone's game and give criticism in return (if desired). We are currently a small team, but would be more than happy to have another...
  6. Rune Factory Project Recruitment

    Hey all. After being told I'd have a better chance getting some notice if I came to the recruitment section, I decided to come here. I'm a huge fan of the Rune Factory series and have always enjoyed playing their games. When I heard that Neverland LTD. had gone out of business, I knew that...
  7. Shimbius

    Dungeon Crawler - Endless Dungeon - Recruitment

    Hello fellow internet-goers. My name is Matthew, and I've been working on a small side project that's begun to blow up in my mind. It was originally planned to be a chance to test out some ideas for scripts and my plans for a new class system, but it's begun to grow to more than that. I've begun...
  8. Programmer needed for Brain Damage game! Trade Negotiable

    I'm currently working on a game that explores the concepts of brain damage. The game is a 2D top down shooter with RPG elements and plays with the aforementioned concepts in the very gameplay as the player plays. Thus far, I've been coding it myself, but my skill set is primarily based around...
  9. bbbdddzzax

    Quest of Jimmy [Recruitment]

    DISCLAIMER:  Quest of Jimmy in no way parodies any religion what so ever, names of religious gods and goddesses are used in the game, but under no way do I imply the characters to be those gods and or goddesses. If the portrayal of any of these characters offends you, please do not...
  10. starlord

    [Recruitment Reset] Across the Night - Mystery/Horror RPG

      When I was done playing Misao, The Mad Father and The Witch's House, I know I just have to make a horror RPG. They're very soulful yet so exciting and thrilling. I know I dont have any experiences with any RPG game productions, but I can assure you that I'll give my all to this...

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