1. Hyperly

    Fullscreen sometimes freezes my entire screen

    Sometimes when I fullscreen on my game my entire screen just freezes and stays pitch black. I haven't changed anything related to Fullscreen, and I've looked this topic up before, but none of the solutions seem to help. Does this have something to do with my monitor's refresh rate, or something...
  2. CuddleFox

    Stop the freezing of the game window during movement.

    Hi! I have a problem with Ace. I'm programming a system that makes pictures hide outside the screen and you have to move the game window to see them. I succeeded, it works, unfortunately the game window freeze when I move it and the location of the pictures updates when I release the window. I...
  3. [Linux]Windows Games From Most RPG Maker Versions Won't Work

    Preface: So according to wine's appdb the vast majority of rpgm clients are gold or platnum. Even though some rpgm engines have linux versions most games are only written for windows, thus (as far as I know) I have to use wine or some other workaround. So can any1 give me any pointers on making...
  4. Tohru

    Playtest loading screen freezes after changing font

    Hello. I'm trying to run my game but it stops on the loading screen. I definitely think it's because I've tried to change the game font. I watched a tutorial on how to do it and did everything they said but it doesn't work. I have the trial version downloaded from their site and a thing I...
  5. darksinge

    RPG Maker MV freezing computer on Ubuntu 18.04

    I'm experiencing this issue on Ubuntu 18.04 while running a purchased copy of RPG Maker MV through Steam. Are you using plugins? Did you disable them first? Does the bug still happen? Then report here. Yes, Yes, Yes. Is your bug already reported by another person? Don't make a new topic...
  6. JoelMarler

    Frozen screen transfer

    I used to be able to transfer between these maps, but now it freezes on some maps upon transfer (it looks like I've moved a space from the edge, the transferring between maps in my game sends you one space away.) I can't open the main menu either, but I can move the cursor. What's happened?
  7. Midnight Kitty

    Reference error-

    The game crashes when I try to open the menu for items or the item book. This only happens from the main menu screen and not during battles or while shopping. I thought I had fixed it by removing a bind from actor message from the code but it brought up the option to click on the actor and then...
  8. Play movie freezes the game.

    As the title states I'm having problems with playing movies in my game. Yes I've read the documentation, which says this: The file formats that are playable depend on the operating environment, so please prepare the below 2 file formats with the same file name. WebM(.webm) MP4 (.mp4 encoded...
  9. MV Freezes Every Time

    The app works fine for a while but if it's open long enough something will cause it to freeze, so that I have to go into Task Manager to close it. Sometimes it's when i move my cursor over the toolbar options at the top. Sometimes it's while I'm laying tiles, and most recently I was looking at...
  10. The_Cynic

    Character freezes mid moveset

    In a cutscene, this character is supposed to move to the left and then move up. Instead, the character moves left and then... nothing. The game freezes, waiting for him to finish. I posted a picture of the event that is controlling the scene. The event is part of the cage the player is behind...
  11. AdamSakuru

    [PAID COMMISSION] After Images + Freeze SV Battler Sprites

    Edit: This is now a commission, rather than a request. If anyone is interested in taking this on, we can discuss what you think would be fair for pay! I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core plugin, Yanfly's Action Sequence plugins and his Animated Sideview Enemy Battlers plugin. I've got a lot...
  12. AdamSakuru

    V1.6 Update is Causing Various Problems In My Game Project

    Holy hell, this has been annoying. After the new update my battle scenes freeze during the events on Turn 0. I have my battle scene appear to have a window open from a completely black screen with the battles taking place 'inside' of the window (just images.) These events were working before...
  13. eat beans

    Changed Font, Game Stuck on Now Loading.

    So, I have come across this super annoying glitch in RMMV. When I tried to change the font for my game, I did everything I was supposed to, then when I went to play test my game, it gets stuck on Now Loading. Even when I changed the font back to the original it won't load. I have tried changing...
  14. AdamSakuru

    Help: My Game Project (Sin Tax) Is Crashing For Some People!

    PLEASE LEAVE A RESPONSE TO THIS THREAD IF THE GAME CRASHED FOR YOU! (I may inquire further testing from you if you're interested) The demo of my game project has worked for most who've played it, but a couple of people have reported that after the game's first random battle, the game crashes...
  15. Problems with adding movement to Event

    Hey so I am trying to add movement to an event that is auto run. I have the player moving 3 steps to the right (so it can show everyone in the party) in the beginning of the event but every time I start the event with that the game freezes. Also, Later on in the event (after dialogue) the NPC...
  16. XGuarden

    freezing event

    Hi, this one can be tricky. In my game I can freeze almost everything. I want to avoid create a double of every character event, etc... freezed. So I look a way by script to just change color of event for be in a blue palette for look freezed. Of course even better will be to put them in a ice...
  17. boikish

    Huge Frame Drops, Freezing, and Crashing.

    Hello, I recently deployed a game for my friends to play and try out. However, I'm having a lot of lag/freezing issues. These happen randomly, when starting a battle (the screen will go black, and stay black, for upwards of 30 seconds), when checking the character's skills on the menu screen...
  18. Anisoft

    Hitching/Freezing when map transfer

    I've noticed very annoying hitching when instant transferring between maps (have not tested with fading but I'd assume it happen still.) What happens is that you'd be able to transfer between a map fine a few times, but at random an annoying hitch/freeze will happen. This can vary from being...
  19. theheroforgaming

    Game Freeze after talking?

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this. I'm very much a noob at this, so please bear with me. I have the player talk to an NPC with branching dialogue, so that she says something different after talking the first time. Problem is, after I finish talking with her the first time, the...
  20. lixerman99

    Player freezes when using a repeating parallel event

    I have it so that when the player enters a location there is a parallel event that checks if the player is wearing a certain pair of boots and switches their pace depending on this. I was under the impression that if it was a parallel event the player wouldn't freeze when this was running but...

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