1. brendonx

    [BUG] Reproducable Mac MV Freeze

    Hi all, I've had a bug crash my RPG Maker MV a few times now. For context I have the steam version running on Mac. Both of which are fully updated. The issue occurs when setting a movement route. If I input a command via clicking a button and then press a direction on the keyboard the...
  2. Chester

    Game Window freezes when using other windows outside of Game.

    Hey, You guys know when you're playing a game with VXACE and then you want to use another window but then the VXACE game window freezes but then the music still continues. How would I make it where I can play the game while using another window....if that's clear...I'm sorry if this isn't clear...
  3. Lock user input?

          So I'm learning how to use RGSS3 and I'm slowly discovering all the cool things I can do with it. I haven't started building a prototype yet because I'm still in the planning stage of the game I want to make, and one of the features I want to add (well, not really a feature, but a...
  4. Victor Animated Battle + Moghunter Blitz Command

    Hi everybody, This is my first time posting a problem in a forum. Normally I can google the answers but this time I really need some help. I'm not the greatest scripter, though I have been working with vx ace for almost two years now. Hopefully someone more experienced can point me in the right...
  5. Help? - Event freeze

    So I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace a while, but still kinda new to it as I learn more every day from forums and just playing around. I've got a problem though, I have a scene in my game where your character enters a cave, and then the lights are supposed to dim around, except for a bright...

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