1. JDevain

    Changing player's animation frame rate but not actual speed

    Hello, I'm using Shaz's More Character Frames plugin, and my main avatar has 14 frames for each walking direction. In other words, the sprite sheet is 14 columns and 4 rows. The problem is that the animations are cycling too slowly, causing a "skating" effect. I need a way to speed up the FPS...
  2. Hooting

    Player speed issues for cutscene

    I'm trying to make this cutscene where the characters are walking, but for some reason the player just rockets past the followers, leaving them behind. I thought I could fix this by changing the speed or frequency (or both) in the movement route but that just gives the bugger cold feet, and they...
  3. Psychronic

    Setting Animation Frequency To Higher Than 5?

    When I originally developed my game in the early version of RPG Maker MV, I used a plugin called "fluid timestep" to fix issues related to syncing monitor refresh rates with frame rate in game. This plugin worked great, but it did have some specific issues, issues which I would call...
  4. Grassfur

    Making an Event Run up to a Player and Automatically Initiate Conversation?

    Hello. I am a bit new to the forums, but would like to ask a question about an issue I am facing with autonomous movement in RPG Maker MV. So here is what I am trying to do: I want an event (a person) to run up to my player and speak to them. To do this, I have set the autonomous movement to...
  5. johanes


    seriously, i dont understand frequency... speed defines how many frames it takes for an event to move 4 frames for the fastest and 64 for the slowest but i tried to change the frequency (speed at norm). there seems to be no change So the question is How does the frequency affect parallel...
  6. Diatonis

    how long does event animation take to cycle for different frequencies?

    In other words, when the movement frequency in an event is set to 3:normal, how long in real time (or fps) does it take for the animation to cycle back to the beginning. Just from eye-balling it, it seems that it takes about a second, that each frame plays for about 20 frames. That seems close...
  7. How do I alter character movement frequency?

    I understand you can alter an event's movement frequency and speed, but is it also possible to change your character's own movement speed and frequency during gameplay? I've always wanted to have that feeling of having to drag the character along the map, instead of just seeing your character...
  8. Character sprite animation help

    So I decided to dabble in spritemaking recently since I kind of wanted my very own characters in my game, I began with something light, a simple animation of a smug-looking ronin snapping his fingers to the rythm of the music. He displays great in-game though a bit tall compared to other Ace...

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