1. Kristina

    RMMZ Friendship Plugin

    I've looked and looked, can't seem to find one for MZ so I thought I would ask here. I'm looking for a friendship plugin that shows your friendship status with NPCs and other actors in the menu.
  2. Cerule

    RMMV Project Compass Demo

    PROJECT COMPASS DEMO SYNOPSIS Woe betide men who no longer reach out with the hands that they have been given. Project Compass Demo is a plot- and character-driven adventure in the style of traditional turn-based Japanese role-playing games. Much care has gone into the storytelling and also...
  3. M_A_Starling

    RMMV Irrational

    SYNOPSIS Irrational is a Visual Novel created in MV, meaning that the game is revolved around the story and dialogue, with minimal gameplay. There a multiple choice options for our main-character, "Lucy", to chose from, but these serve to highlight the personality and struggles of the character...
  4. Moogle_X

    Actors Friendship System

    Actors Friendship System v2.08 by Moogle_X Introduction This plugin adds friendship mechanic between the main actor and other actors of your choice. Each actor has their own friendship value that can be increased or decreased multiple ways. As the friendship value grows, that...
  5. Sorey

    Project Untitled (Updated 11/17: Demo 1.1 Available)

    Project Untitled: Because I'm Too Lazy to Think of a Name   **Demo Version 1.1 Download Link at Bottom** Hello! I'm sure everyone here has no idea who I am because: 1. This is my first post. 2. See number 1. That being said, the origin of this game occurred at the beginning of this month. I...

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