1. ddblue

    Question about Yanfly's Battle Core plugin for MV

    Hello everyone, For a few weeks now I have tried various things to recreate the following battle system in MV: I have trying to use Yanfly Battle Core to make this happen. By default, no party member sprites are displayed when using a front view system. However, when using Yanfly's Battle...
  2. ectorkid

    Issue with enemy having an unwanted animation in frontview

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with an enemy having an unwanted animation that's way too loud that I just can't seem to disable. I've disabled all of my plugins and lowered pretty much ALL of the battle sound effects in the system tab of the database, but this certain animation/sound isn't in the...
  3. Jettersfreak

    Show Weak/Crisis animation immediately in Front-View Battles with Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies?

    I've noticed that the "damage" or "crisis" animation for enemies only changes at the end of a turn when using front-view battles, while it changes immediately for side-view battles once the enemy has taken enough damage. Is there some setting or anything I can do to make the animation change...
  4. Teal Dragona

    Cloaked Dragon Character (MV RTP)

    Resource Type: (Character, Battler, Faceset) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (MV RTP) Description: I'm looking for a reptilian character (He's a dragon) to be made for my current project. He's hooded with a cloak, the only thing that shows he's reptilian is his eyes and his tail. His face...

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