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     Zack's (noobish) Resource Hole                       I've been thinking, there aren't many quality tile shops in the community, and even fewer  that accept requests. The quality of my work is for you to decide, but I accept requests. So, I guess if you like my tiles, I've just created another...

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A new VA has joined the "Beyond the Mirror" team... I can't wait to start working on battle voices in the engine now.
Well bad reviews r making me rather annoyed today.
--- F.Mage Cooking Part 2 ---

F.Knight: Chef isn't here at this moment,he goes back into his Hometown to celebrating the Halloween with them.
F.Fighter: That too bad. I can't taste his dish until 3-5 days.
F.Mage: Then Leave it to me,i can make a Special Dishes for our Team in Halloween! (Rushes Into The Kitchen)
F.Knight & F.Fighter: (Screaming) YAMEROOO!!!
Stream will be live shortly with a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
aero the acrobat 2 on sega had some absolute bangers on the ost... why Meeting Dr. Dis was just for a cutscene and not a boss makes me sad lol

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