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    This is thanks to the guy who made this Youtube tutorial video (by @SumRndmDde; not sure if he is on this forum; I found him!) This taught me how to use the node.js function to write files. I recently wrote one plugin and another online tool for the purpose of spellchecking games, but this is...

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YES! officially released my games soundtrack on Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon..... kinda cool!

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Hey everyone! Not sure how many people know about Cafofo Music on Itch.io, but I highly recommend their Sound Effects! It is amazing quality AND quantity and best of all, they are having a 50% sale! I can't express how much I love sales.
Wow.... My last map GIF got 47 likes, 16 retweet and 2,105 views on Twitter in 24 hours. My game thread here's only got 3k views in 6-7 months. I guess building my Twitter was insanely worth it. :LZSexcite:

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