fsm : woods and cave

  1. BrandedTales

    RMMV Better Left Closed (v0.9) - Single Map Challenge

    Better Left Closed - v 0.9 I'm building this game in response to the 1-map challenge (not sure if it's still active or not, but I was inspired). It best fits the survival-horror genre, although this is mainly due to tension and the immortality of the enemies. I would love to get feedback on...
  2. Ozunaga

    FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles and FSM: Town of Beginnings HELP!

    Hi there! I just got RPG Maker MV and finished watching tutorials on YouTube so I think I have a good grasp at the basics. I purchased the FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles as well as the FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles from Steam (yes, I bought RPG Maker MV from Steam). I was quite excited about my...
  3. Tchaly

    FSM : woods and cave installation.

    Hi, I have recently acquired the FSM : woods and cave pack. And I have an issue, the hut in the big tree is on top of the field tileset, but the door and the window is under the hut in game only. Can anyone help me ? This is how I have setup the tiles : And here is what I've done with the...

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