1. Guardinthena

    Seeking Basalt Columns

    Resource Type: Tiles Engine: MV Art Style: FSM or close I feel embarrassed to ask, but I am seeking basalt columns, or geological structures like Giants Causeway in Ireland. I feel like constructing these tiles would be above my level, so I'm asking for assistance in this endeavor. What I...
  2. Guardinthena

    RMMV Astrafalla

  3. Parallax Panda

    Regarding those FSM Ship Tiles...

    So, I'm not sure if this topic is supposed to be here but since I'm referring to the ship tiles made by REF MAP for RM2K3, I couldn't think of a better place. The tile sheets for RM2K3 are extremely messy to begin with, like a jigsaw puzzle, and these ship tiles are no exception. For reference...
  4. Any info on new FSM stuff yet? Waiting patiently :D

    If not could someone let me know here when the castle pack thingy they've been teasing is released? It's the last piece of my puzzle! :kaoswt:Thank you! I await good news!
  5. Roseredpinball

    A Noob's Questions About FSM?

    Hello all, I apologize if this question has been asked before but, what, exactly, IS First Seed Material (FSM)? I've been an RPG Maker VX Ace user for awhile but I guess I must've missed the FSM train because by the time I learned of First Seed Material the website and all its stuff were already...
  6. Parallax Panda

    Regarding the FSM (Blog) resources...

    Okay, so this is not exactly aimed at the two FSM resource packs being sold here (I do own them both), but rather at the extra stuff they seem to be posting on their blog. I think the English is a wee bit unclear, and I don't trust myself enough to not accidentally mistranslate the Japanese. But...
  7. DarkKxng101

    RPG 2000&2003 FSM Tileset conversion to VX/Ace

    Name : Darkkxng101:LZSevil: Terms of Use: All tiles are owned by (REFMAP)The First Seed Material Terms of Use does not state any restrictions to redistribution of REFMAP resources or the Material Quest games as long as such actions do not infringe upon laws and regulations in your region and do...
  8. IguanaGuy

    Blend-S RPG Promo Poster (Fun)

    So I was bored the other night and didn't want to work on my main project. Instead I made a silly promotional "poster" for Blend S anime as if I were making an RPG Game for it. (I'm not, by the way) I made the characters, faces and SV battlers in the MV character generator and ported them to a...
  9. Dragonarkon

    [DLC] FSM English content encrypted after Sakan update

    I just noticed that the DLC for "FSM-Town_Of_Beginnings_Tiles" was changed/updated with the recent RPG Maker MV 1.4.1 & SAKAN 1.01 Update (I noticed mostly because a new PDF titled "For_SAKAN_users" was added to the main folder.) The issue is that the English content (which I have been working...
  10. blade911

    FSM and RTP

    I am trying to get the rtp and the first seed material artwork to match, do anyone know the saturation and color properties needed to adjust the rtp to look more like fsm in photoshop?
  11. beliziam

    Resized for MV Refmap RPG MAKER 2000 Sets edited by Beliziam

    Since a couple of guys asked me to release my refmap edits or better called my resizes for RPG Maker MV i'm going to do that here. I edited the stuff so that it fits my working style so some of you maybe confused about why i put certain stuff together. There are a couple of errors in the...
  12. Lunarea

    FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles

      FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles is now available for purchase! First Seed Material tiles are renowned in the RPG Maker communities as a fantastic alternative to the RTP, and now you can own a version for RPG Maker MV! Recreated by the First Seed Material team, FSM: Town of Beginnings...
  13. Caitlin

    Caitlin's Graphical World

    NOTE: If you wish to support my goal of releasing free graphics and you wish to 'DONATE' money to me, please PM me and I will give you my paypal information. But please note that this is not necessary, however, if you release a game commercially, you must give me the option of taking a free...
  14. manueleiria

    Mack/FSM chars in VX Chibi-size style

    Hi! I'm looking for versions of Mack's sprites in VX RTP Chibi-size. I found momope's website (http://momope8.blog67.fc2.com/), which contains all of them, except for Hero-1-1, Hero-1-2 and Hero-2-6, as he explains those chars are already available in a sample game. I assume that sample game is...

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