full screen

  1. xChikyx

    REQUEST Full screen scrip, but not really.

    I want somethig simple: A scrip that makes the game run in its normal resolution (640x480), but the rest of the screen is filled in a single color. It has to make the game run like that normally. Reason: I need to have the full screen on and dark, so the playr doesnt lose details of the game...
  2. CleanWater

    Browser Full Screen Fix (MV)?

    So, when I play test the game, the full screen resizes and occupies almost the whole screen (besides the letter-boxed black bars at each side), but when I try to enable full screen in my browser hosted game, it's what happens. As many of you already knows, I'm hosting the game at Itch.io...
  3. jasoncollege24

    Set game to full screen on first launch, for other computers

    I'm working on making my first game, but running into a bit of a snag. I have it set that when I play test, my game runs in a window. If I compress it out, then decompress, and run from that, it also runs in a window. Problem is that when I give the demo to someone else, it launches in full...
  4. holyratchels

    full screen in the web version

    How to open the game in full screen in the web version? Tried pasting the code but it doesn't work: function openFullscreen() { var elem = document.documentElement; if (elem.requestFullscreen) { elem.requestFullscreen(); } else if (elem.mozRequestFullScreen) { /* Firefox */...
  5. _Shadow_

    How to set a pixie filter and blend it with the screen using a plugin?

    So, to start simple, I want to make a plugin that targets the whole game screen and blends a pixie filter with it. Pixie filter code can be found here: FYR: http://pixijs.io/pixi-filters/tools/demo/ Please show me how things glue together, so I can build upon it. :)
  6. CriticalGames

    Fullscreen Mode Problems with Pixel-Perfect Game

    Okay, so this is a bit of a weird one! I'm developing a game with pixel-perfect graphics, but I've noticed a problem when I play in full-screen mode. RPG Maker seems to occasionally add extra pixels to character graphics, tiles, and I think even text, but it puts them in strange places that...
  7. Josue Castillo

    Full Screen Mode? (No black edges)

    I know this has been issued many times, but this is what I want to find out: I'm currently creating a game in RPG MAKER MV, and I want to set it to full screen mode automatically so to speak (Without the black edges). The problem is that I've seen many people trying this and when they actually...
  8. slayer2

    How to put RPG Maker MV full screen on android?

    The normal method to pass the game to android, it does not work for me since it always gives error, for more that I have looked at the internet and tried different ways, I have not managed to pass it to apk, because I get this error: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8 'Codec can not decode byte 0xed in...
  9. Every game I play that was made using RPG Maker is offscreen to the left

    I recently got a new computer, with Windows 10, and I decided to set it up today, On my old computer (also with Windows 10) I dragged some games made by using RPG Maker that I like into Dropbox and took them out on my new computer. Before every game was done loading into Dropbox on my new...
  10. gmestanley

    Change Game Resolution when in Full Screen

    I have seen the resolution problem on the 1.3.3 Update official post (which was originally the 1.3.2 one), and I've seen this problem by myself too. It looks ridiculous that we'll have to stick with two large black borders if we want to press F4 (Undertale did that too, although that's another...
  11. jjbones123

    Does anyone know if it's possible to altar the Full screen ++ Code slightly?

    I've been making a project in RPG Maker VX Ace. In my previous post, I asked for help regarding why the play test window would crash when I tried to play test the game i've been making in full screen. While I appreciate the help I was given, I was unable to solve my problem and so continued to...
  12. jjbones123

    Why does RPG Maker VX Ace not respond when I try to play test in full screen?

    So, I am operating on windows 10 and my graphics card is a NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti. When trying to play test the game i'm making in RPG Maker VX Ace, I attempt to make the game full screen so I can see the small details in the game better. But when I push Alt + Enter at the same time, the...
  13. RPG MV Full Screen Error?

    It is like a full-screen error. In this error will not be changed. It is as it is. However, whether you will be able to resolve this error? Help me, The window system is 10.
  14. DreamX

    DreamX Options

    Features Ability to use switches or variables as options Ability to change resolution (requires restart) Ability to change fullscreen persistently Ability to optionally have a help window with text to help explain your options Ability to change the size position of the options...
  15. TheseThoughtsIThink

    Making fullscreen mode more accessible

    Whew, first time in this part of the forums. Exciting~ Basically what I'm looking to do is make going to and from fullscreen mode easier to access for the player. I found this Full Screen Prompt and it's really similar to what I'm thinking, but instead of the prompt right at startup I'd like...

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