1. How do you make a fullscreen for RPG MV

    Hello all! I am new to RPG Maker. I was wondering how do I increase the size of the screen. For example : I want to have the game in 16x9 and scale it based on the player monitor. In other words have a Fullscreen option in the menu without things getting fuzzy. I have seen this video but it...
  2. Parallax Panda

    Optimal Project Resolution?

    I hope this topic belongs in this part of the forum, Anyway... Using VxAce has it's limitations when it comes to the screen resolution and playing games in fullscreen, but there are a few scripts that can improve it slightly. I'm curious as to what other people consider to be the "ultimate"...
  3. AloneForLong

    Small Script: Extended Graphics.resize_screen

    So, you know (if you ever use this anyway) that Graphics.resize_screen has an upper limit of 640 x 480. I was wondering if anyone knew how to modify it so that you can resize the screen however you want. Of course, Graphics is a hidden class, so I don't know how to access the Graphics class so...
  4. Screen Size Issue

    Hello all! This is most likely a VERY easy question to answer, but I've been dealing with this since I first bought MV... When opening settings or Character Generator, the screen appears huge. As you can tell from the screenshot below, it's bleeding on the top AND bottom. I've tried ALT+spacebar...
  5. Hyperly

    Fullscreen sometimes freezes my entire screen

    Sometimes when I fullscreen on my game my entire screen just freezes and stays pitch black. I haven't changed anything related to Fullscreen, and I've looked this topic up before, but none of the solutions seem to help. Does this have something to do with my monitor's refresh rate, or something...
  6. CapitalAkito

    SRD's Fullscreen Toggle Option

    This plugin is supposed to add the option to turn fullscreen mode on or off, but the "on" and "off" options are switched. So when the player turns the fullscreen option "on" the fullscreen feature turns off and when it's turned "off" the fullscreen feature activates. SRD apparently fixed the...
  7. Need help with Fullscreen pixel wobbly...ness...

    I recently got a new computer and transfered my RPG maker project to it. But when I play test the game the pixels are all weird. Its kinda like theyre fighting to fit on the screen. Some pixels disappear, and overall it looks distracting and ugly. On my old computer the game was displayed pixel...
  8. BoredDudesGames

    Yanfly's Option core Fullscreen Option?

    I'm making a visual novel and I am wondering if it is possible to make a Fullscreen option in the menu using Yanfly's Option Core?
  9. Jacoh

    Is there any other method to launch a game not made by me in fullscreen?

    Hello there '^' i'm having troubles on launching my game in fullscreen.. - i tried to press ALT + Enter = nothing happens - i tried to press f1 and then click in the "launch in fullscreen" check.. then i rebooted the game.. well, nothing happens - pressing windows and plus isn't really what i...
  10. ImmaGhoost

    Fullscreen Won't Show Go Fullscreen

    So this has not been an issue at all thus far into my project. And I've been working on this game for able two weeks now. Suddenly I booted it up this morning and now when I go full screen this happens. (also note the icon for the game tester has changed for some reason.) How do I fix this?
  11. Tjmcnee

    How to fix Blurry Screen

    Hello, I was just wondering if there is a way to remove the blur when going into fullscreen. For now, I have to use magnifier to see the window bigger. Thanks, Tj.
  12. TheTitan99

    Request: Non-blurry fullscreen.

    Hello! I'm currently working on a very low res game. As such, it needs to be played in full screen, or else it's too small to really see. The issue is, when I try to go into full screen, such as through the script Fullscreen++, everything becomes blurry. On a super low res, pixel art based game...
  13. IkutsukiYuri

    How to change the size of MogHunter's Battle Hud for 1280x720 resolution?

    Back then it was all good until I decided that I want to make the game full screen so now everything's a mess I'm feeling so sad right now cuz I don't feel like I'm moving onward with the game ;_; I used the Community Basic plugin to change the resolution... And now I'm gifted with this... I...
  14. Abashi76

    Fullscreen won't work with RPG Maker XP

    I have a new problem. "Fullscreen" does not work on my computer. Part of the map gets cut out, and most of the screen is black. I did this by clicking "Alt + Enter". The option did not appear when i hit "F1". After i tested fullscreen, everything looked better larger. How do i change screen...
  15. JayA

    True Responsive Game Assets for Fullscreening?

    Hi all, I've looked all over, but can't seem to find what I would have thought to be a popular request - a true responsive plugin for RMMV. All it would need to do is scale my assets (sprites, parallax maps etc.) depending on screen size. For example, my game is defaulted to 1280x720 window...
  16. yumo_nikki

    How does fullscreen work?

    Hello again, So I have been hunting for info about how to make the fullscreen in my game pixel perfect. I somehow managed to get rid of the antialiasing but I ran into the same problem as OP here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/pixel-perfect-fullscreen.83927/ The thread is...
  17. Rexodiak

    Question Regarding Resolution and Black Bars

    Hi all! First of all, apologies if this has been answered before, I couldn't find any useful answer, secondly I'm very new to this program... so you can already expect how much I know about this... So, I downloaded YEP's Core Engine to adjust the resolution of my game to 1280 x 720, the...
  18. vico

    Widescreen (16:9) + Higher Resolution

    Hi! I'm searching for a script who tweaks the internal resolution of RPG Maker XP to be fullscreen (aka 853x480) with a nearest neighboor scaling for higher resolutions, plus keeping the ability to go fullscreen or windowed modes. I was toying around with this script but it bugs a lot menus...
  19. Denisowator

    Fullscreen stretches graphics?

    I've been looking around everywhere, and the only things I can find are super complicated and long conversations about how the fullscreen option changes the window to fit the screen's resolution. I'm running the fullscreen on a 16:9 (1080x1920) monitor. How can I stop the graphics stretching...
  20. Animebryan

    Trouble recording VX Ace games in fullscreen

    Does anybody know of a efficient way to record a VX Ace game for Let's Plays? Every time I try it the full screen messes with my screen resolution & prevents the mouse cursor from functioning or doing anything else (like using my recording program). With HyperCam 3, the video playback has...

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