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  1. a_a

    How long does it take to make full game

    I'm thinking about buying the engine, but I'm also not sure if i'll have the time to do anything. How long does it take to make full game?
  2. mlogan

    What's your snowflake?

    This neat website has been going around on my Facebook feed and I thought it might be a fun addition to the holiday festivities today! (Mods, I hope it's not too "gamey".) So, use this to make a snowflake of your name. I think it would be neat if we did our forum usernames. Here's mine...

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Please do not buy games from The sellers have total power over you. The website has many scam sellers. It looks cheap, but the key code didn't work.
A while back I was having fun making my own custom tiles, then I hit carpet... why is it so difficult!? Lol.
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I know someday I'll start working on this...

I'm so happy that I got Steam achievements to work in my game, thanks in large part to the posts by other RPG Maker devs on this issue!

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