1. Kazuki

    Dream Worlds for my Game

    As a way to break the ice with this community I want to see people's suggestions for dream worlds they would like to see in my game Noctal Key.These can be based on dreams you had or something you came up with on the spot. I will pick the 6 best entries and use them for my game. You will be...
  2. Matseb2611

    Just Face It! (All 8 episodes are out!)

    (Logo design by Hyde) This is a bit of a side project of mine. As some of you might know already, the first episode was my entry for the Super Awesome Face Contest. Since then I've made more episodes in this mini-series. There are 8 episodes in total. You can access any of them from New Game...
  3. Ruby

    Ruby's Art Kingdom

    Ruby's Art Kingdom   I have recently been trying to up my art game, and stop paying so darn much for quality art. (Not saying that people who do art shouldn't get paid!) So, I've been asking around for some of you to send me some characters to draw. Little did I know, so many of you would PM me...
  4. Lunarea

    Incredible Journey Mapping/Screenshot Contest

    Spring time is upon us, and it's time to go traveling! Let's celebrate this adventuring spirit with a brand new contest. This time, we want you to challenge yourself. Create a new and unique map of the place your project's characters would visit to take a break from their current adventure...
  5. ninjalex

    Character Skins

    Is there or could someone make a script that allows the user to change character skins? Skins are outfits that the player can choose from to accessorize the actors. The skins would just be for a different look and will not change the actor's class, skills, weapon equipment, parameters and etc...
  6. Orange Shaker

    Orange Shaker       Story:   Ray is sick of his boring life as a university student.  One day, he discovers something interesting that would change his life forever.  What kind of thrilling adventure will he encounter? What kind of new characters will he meet? The journey awaits!    ...
  7. fbu

    Unholy Sword

    Welcome to the official page of the game: BETA Version 1.0 already available! BETA VERSION 1.0 FEATURES: * 2h~3h of gameplay; * 1 Full Side-Quest ready to complete; * Fight Club available; * Open World with many areas ready to explore! DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Dropbox (Click here...) RTP OF RPG...
  8. Archeia

    Mysterious August Contest!

    You find yourself lying down on the humid grass. With a steady shake of your head, you look around your surroundings. It's almost morning, but the fog is so thick, you can't see anything. "Where am I? Where is this place?" Those questions swirl around your head. You turn...
  9. Helvey

    Recruiting team for a DBZ based game.

    Hello community. My name is and I'm in need of a team to help begin development on DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) - like project. What our game IS going to be. Our game is going to have a unique story line (somewhat emphasizing on the DBZ story, not entirely though) it is going to contain a fun...
  10. Jordan

    Looking for a team;

    Hello RPGmaker community, I'm looking for a team (obviously), specifically sprite artist(s) and scripters who have knowledge with RPGMaker VX ace in particular, (MAY need a writer for the story as well). Partially because those are the areas that are most difficult for me to work with as of...
  11. crimcrim


    SANIC RACING............. Concept Screenshots/Features GAME DOWNLOAD:'s.rar CREDITS: TELOCH (akuyuki_shinbo) - making title screen SANIC HEGHOG - going fast
  12. Lunarea

    Summer Fun Contest!

    Ah, summer! The beach, the water, the heat that demands icy cold treats ... It is a time of fun and a time of celebration. So, let us give our own homage to this oh-so-lovely time of year by pitting lowly mortals- I mean by encouraging our fabulous community members to take part in a contest...
  13. Ratty524

    Tina of the Stars (Complete Version)

    Abstract: Take the role of the cute fairy Tina as she treks across three dangerous worlds to save her fellow fairies! Inspired by the game "Pacman" Genre: Action/Puzzle Engine: RPG Maker XP Download Tina of the Stars Final release v1 Tina of the Stars is an action game with a focus on...
  14. Raine Fallon

    Ascension Production Team

    Welcome to Ascension Production Team's newly refurbished thread. The change of this topic marks an all new beginning for the new. A.P.T is all about the fun when creating games. A.P.T encourages members to step forward with ideas. Update: New Official Website Open August...

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