1. Difficulty finding function and script locations

    I am digging into the scripting trying to figure out how the system works and I am having a really hard time following the paths that connect the scripts. For example, I want to have complete control over how my game reacts to battles but I am having the hardest time finding where the battle...
  2. tale

    Damage Formula Extension

    Damage Formula Extension 2017/01/28 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction More functions that can be used for damage formula calculation. How to Use Input function for skill damage formula in database. Example(a.plus_atk), (b.plus_def) Formula functions list: plus_atk(percent, value)...
  3. tale

    Item Call Script

    ItemCallScript - Version 1.0.0 (2018/09/16) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Create an item or skill that will run any script when used. Note: Javascript knowledge is required for use. Instructions- Specify the following in the item or skill note box: <call:insert script here>...
  4. tale

    Item Script Call

    ItemCallScript 2018/09/20 Creator name: Triacontane Introduction Create an item or skill that will run any script when used. When used on the menu screen, can be done without returning to the map screen. (without the use of common event) Note: Knowledge of RGSS is required for use. VX Ace...
  5. Trying to use function from one plugin inside another plugin

    Hello! I'm having an issue that I haven't been able to resolve. I have two plugins, Nivek_Core and Nivek_Relationship. Inside of Nivek Core, I have defined some file functions to be used by any of the other plugins I may develop. Here is an example: Nivek Core Code -...
  6. Nilom

    Which is the better practice for long scripts?

    So, I use a lot of scripts in my game, that have more than the very limited 12 script lines. Now I wanted to know which of these two options is the better practice? Option A: Use a javascript shortener site, shorten the code to a single line and paste it into the script event command. And of...
  7. p0_boy

    Check if URL exists

    Hello, party people in the place to be- I have the following Frankenstein function: $._urlExists = function(url_to_check) { var result = false; // check if string is valid url format, source: var pattern = new...
  8. Nilom

    Method or Function to return right order of item pick-ups

    Hello! Is there a method or a function in the RPG Maker built-in methods/functions that will return the inventory items in the correct order which they have been picked up? $gameParty._items seems to just sort the items by database ID. I know an array could be used for this but that would...
  9. Eliaquim

    For all the plugin makers: What is the best practice?

    Hi there! I'm making a plugin, and i have a doubt: What is the best practice? var _Elii_Game_Timer_update = Game_Timer.prototype.update; Game_Timer.prototype.update = function(sceneActive) {, sceneActive); MY CODE STUFF HERE or...
  10. How to make "shake screen" work?

    Trying to have the screen shake to show scenes of extreme emotion etc, but the function labeled "shake screen" doesn't seem to do anything on testing. I tried adjusting the variables but no matter how large or small I make them nothing seems to happen. This doesn't seem to impair other aspects...
  11. [SOLVED] How to overwrite a "vanilla" function?

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to programming. I'm messing with mouse commands on MV, but I'm altering direct on the rpg_xx.js files, and there are changes that I even don't remember which line was. HAhaha. Well, how can I create a plugin that my function totally overwrite the original function (on...
  12. Hagal_

    Re-mapping of the "X"button for other purposes

    Hello everybody, I have checked for different ways to do this (Plugins, remapping, in editor commands, google & so on...) but haven´t been able to solve the problem... What I want is to remove the "open menu" functionality put on the "X" button on the keyboard. I still want the menu to open on...
  13. Script Help - Inn Pricing Based on Party's HP

    Hello, I have an event that allows the party to restore all hp. I have rigged up the dialogue, a variable that holds the inn's price, all that, but there is one thing I am having trouble doing: setting the price. I would like the price to be the total missing hp of the party - however the...
  14. Isabella Ava

    why i can't overwrite rpg_scene function?

    Hi there : ) I tried to make a simple plugin that overwrite a function from rpg_scene.js but it doesn't seem to work = | for example: i put this plugin at bottom of my plugin list, it should ruin the title scene but nothing happen = | so ... why is that, can someone tell me please?
  15. jordanblake

    SRD BATTLE HUD MAKER Character Sprite (walker) Call

    Hello guys,today i was working with hud maker by SRD to make my battle hud,and i want to show actors party walker sprite in place of the actor face,but i dont know how to call the sprite, i know party commands are $gameParty()... ¿¿¿??. thanks a lot.
  16. KevinFrost

    Mobile Name Input

    I'm making a game that will be heavily directed at mobile platform. The vanilla name input process is close to what I need, but is missing a few things. For starters, there is no back or delete button in the window. So players will not be able to delete any typed characters. Also, the current...
  17. Riku_Masamune

    Quitting Funtion from End Game.scene *fixed*

    So, like with VX Ace (maybe prior to those too) in the Game End window there was a quit to windows. So I took the liberty of adding it in. It works! But the wording doesn't show up, but if anyone would like to help edit the files to where 'Quit' shows up, that'd be appreciated. RPG_Scenes...
  18. Variable called by function for screen resolution

    I am having an issue with a script I'm working on, I am trying to call the x and y variables to set the screen resolution, and now my brain is hurting after a little while of editing and re editing, and searching online for any way to pull this off. I am using Yanflys Core Engine with a...
  19. Jonforum

    How to correctly use EVAL function? For passing operators to a function

    hi i have question. Example if i call my function 1:ID 2:operator StatsControl(322,'-=');  // Is do a decrease if i do this StatsControl(322,'+=');  // Is do a increase i read Eval can make me do this easy, I know well the long method, but I would like to find a shortcut to...
  20. Cheah Hsun Teik

    list of variable , object/class and function/method to help in plugin creation

    list of  variable , object/class and function/method that is present in the rpgmaker mv js files and in JavaScript itself. Is it possible to list it all for me here? if not,how and where do I find them(full list)?

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