1. Cheah Hsun Teik

    plugin vs update

    Why do rpgmaker MV developer need to create updates for their program when plugin is faster,easier and funner to use.what is the difference?
  2. Yoshifull

    Missing function (RPG Maker MV 1.3)

    I found out the hard way (AKA as getting an error) that a function was missing after I updated my RPG Maker MV. Since I have a little knowledge about js, I went to see what was wrong when I saw the error was "undefined is not a function", and found out that the...
  3. Allinardo

    Screenshot Function?

    A while back I came across an event-based UI character creator in a RPG Maker MV game, and I couldn't help but wonder how it was done. I forgot about it over time, and don't even remember the name by now, but the thought came back to me recently while working on my current project. From what I...
  4. Milena

    [SOLVED] Converting Plugin Parameter to Function

    I want to ask something simple, probably. This is about plugin parameters. I know I can just look at a coder's plugin to see how it is done, but I want to do it the right way as I also know what it actually does. I've seen Yanfly use Graphics.height or Graphics.boxHeight as a plugin parameter...
  5. Ellie Jane

    Change player sprite with a script

    Hi, What is the function to change the player's sprite with a script? I am used to RPG maker XP, where I would use $game_party.actors[0] to refer to the player, but I can't work out what that would be in MV JavaScript. I have tried $gameParty.members(0).setCharacter(str, 0); Where...
  6. Jeremy Cannady

    Temporarily Overwrite a Function

    In Scene_Map we have a function isBusy currently this doesn't check if the $gameMessage.isBusy(); I want the game to not change scenes if a message is being displayed. In my script where I display a message I then overwrite the Scene_Map.isBusy() to return $gameMessage.isBusy(); After that I...
  7. SumRndmDde

    How to get array of Actor's Armors?

    So here's what I'm trying to do.   I want to create some Notetags in the Armor Database that say <applesGained: x> <applesLost: x>   Then, I want to add them all up based on which ones the specific Actor is wearing, so I created this function:   var processDemArmors = function(actor){ ...
  8. Milena

    Does (function() {})(); affect Imported Variables?

    I noticed that when I do a (function() {})() and put all the elements inside the {} and get out of there to declare imported values, it says some of the variables are unreadable. What's the proper way of using Imported together with (function() {})()?
  9. How would you let users write a whole function as a parameter in the plugin manager?

    In my newly published DoubleX RMMV Formulae Edit, I tried something new to myself: While I do know @param is supposed to work with simple values only, I'm thinking of letting users to set @param as a string storing a whole function. Right now I use the ridiculously disastrous eval(even though...
  10. Milena

    Select Function problem

    def alive_members if @inv_enemy.any? result ={|member| member.alive? && !member.invisible?} if invisible_enem super else result end else super end endhow can you interpret this in JavaScript / convert in...
  11. Faytless

    assistance with location of function (messagebox/faceset)

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for the location of the function(s) that handle message box,  specifically face set placements and such.  Any assistance is appreciated :D Thanks!
  12. shiori4me

    'Or' functions for substitutes in Crafting System

    I kind of figure this may not kick off, but I might as well put it out there. I thought it was silly that you have to be very specific with ingredients when it comes to Mr. Bubble's Crafting System. However, seems to be...
  13. OM3GA-Z3RO

    How does the Taunt spell function?

    This is not a script, because the RPGmaker already has a spell in it's database called Taunt or Provoke I forgot (At work) I would like to know how it works because all I see it doing is increasing the users HIT rate up to 1000 which is confusing, I want to know how it works because I have two...

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