1. CEO1234

    RMMV Problems with YEP_SaveCore...

    Yanfly's save core for RPG Maker MV really adds a lot of useful functionality to my game. However, my game will have save spots, so you won't be able to save in the game until you come across these spots. This wasn't initially a problem, but then I noticed that you can still delete or load a...
  2. koraiel

    Having NPC Event Behind Tile

    Sorry if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find it when searching: So, like the title says, I am trying to get an Event (with character model as the event image) to sit behind another tile, but when I place the npc event, and then set the tile (like was suggested on another site)...
  3. Icelord888

    Map Initialization functions for plugins[Solved]

    Hello there game makers, I come here yet again in search of guidance. In my limited experience with plugins I see that you can write functions and call them via the script call comand, but I also know that you can also extend the game's premade functions to make a propper plugin, so my question...
  4. Kino

    RPGMakerMV: How To Eval

    Eval is the secret we don't talk about. For RPGMakerMV plugin developers, learning to use eval can change the game. So, let's talk about what it does and how to use it. What Does Eval Do For You Eval allows you to interpret strings as JavaScript. Now, many devs would advise against using it...
  5. Kino

    Functions, Scoping, Namespacing

    Introduction Functions Functions in JavaScript like method calls in any other language, are great tools for holding a set of statements that we want to execute at our leisure. Unlike other languages however, a function in JavaScript is an object; you can add properties or other functions...
  6. Milena


    In ruby, you usually address hashes like this. How do you do this in JavaScript respectively? Movement = { :x => [0,0,"%s_1"], :y => [0,2,"%s_2"], }
  7. Hopelessdecoy

    Properties of items

    What are the function names of the item properties? I'm mainly wondering about the damage calculations box, parameters box and the item name. Is it in Game_item? If you could list them or point them out to me I'd appreciate it!
  8. vampirewarrior661

    Is there a way to have an event that will change the font for that event?

    I am sorry if this is confusing I will my best to explain what I mean, I am currently making a horror game and I am trying to make an event where the villain is talking to you in a different font, and then when the protagonist talks its back to normal. Like i am trying to make the game more...
  9. Josephkhland

    Josephkhland's DnD Style Damage Formula DFWAS

    So actuall this is my first script. (DFWAS -> Damage for weapons and Spells).  I have created 2 methods that can be used in the Damage Formula and change the Combat to a style similar to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition (DnD) combat. What I mean :  Well in DnD 3.5 each PC and NPC has an...
  10. [RMVXAce] What are the correct rates of experience and money drops to give to enemies?

    What are the correct rates of experience and money to set each monster to drop? The default rate for total experience to reach a level in RMVXAce is the following: f(x)=ROUND(30*(x-1)^(0.9+30/250)*x*(x+1)/(6+x^2/50/30)+(x-1)*20,0)where x is equal to current levelTo determine the experience...

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