1. mcoorlim

    Start a new ******* or incorporate into my old one?

    I'm spending more and more time devoted to my game dev "hobby" and I figured I might as well try to see if I can get it to pay for itself through *******. As it is, however, I already have one for the books I write and the podcasts I produce. My first impulse was to just add game development as...

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Test game. Find something broken. Fix. Re-test game. Broken thing fixed but new thing broken that wasn't before. What?!?! Uhg! :kaoangry:
I watched this youtube video of this reporter that went to a Flat Earth Conference. And there was just a whole lot of stupid in one room.
What?! You want 2 more hours of a playthrough? Well you got it! Come hang out with us while we dive even deeper into the awesome game Kindred Novel by BirdBunch! :LZSjoy:
Well, shoot. I didn't mean for the title screen to be there in my previous post.
Can everyone here just forget about that until I'm actually ready to formally announce it?

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