1. Cereal_Ginger

    RMMV To Kill A King Version 2 and 1/3

    - $1.99 on Steam, Google Play, and itch.io - Originally developed with RPG Maker VX Ace and later converted to RPG Maker MV. *Currently uses the RPG Maker MV Engine.* - Rated M-17+ on Google Play, and Teen-13+ on Steam. - Character - Rots, an undead, belligerent, short tempered, undead...
  2. Patchi

    RMMV Dawnbourne - A Murder-Mystery Detective Adventure

    Dawnbourne ------- STORY SYNOPSIS: A Case in Cold Blood A story-based, mystery adventure set in Dawnbourne: a remote, suburban town overlooking the Capital. Ashley Folger, a rookie investigator who just moved into Dawnbourne, gets caught up in a grim murder that threatens to unveil the...
  3. BenSD

    Hit me with some jokes

    To take a break from the monotony of thinking about starting to get ready to maybe work on my game, let's have some funnies. What are y'alls favorite jokes? I really like this one: "What do you get when you mix a joke with a rhetorical question?" Now make me laugh! (pls)
  4. AnotherDimensionGames

    RMVXA Mars Rocks 1 - Count Mordrak

  5. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Final Farcity II, a concept for a sequel (Contains Adult Humor)

    Hello everyone I have once again crawled back into the "Game Ideas and Prototypes" thread to make a post about another game that may or not go into production or may just be very well stillborn. But first some back story, which is handily accessible via this handy dandy spoiler. I hope you...
  6. RMMZ Mind Games (Adventure)

    The demo version of Mind Games! The story-driven turn-based RPG where you solve the problems of others by going into their minds! Play it here in browser: https://bridiogames.itch.io/mind-games You play as Boy, a boy who wears bandages around his face, hates talking and likes sleeping. One...
  7. codapill

    RM2k/3 ChickenQuest 2K3: Rise of the Chimkin

  8. SoCalAshez

    RMMZ Cycles of Infinity: Sands of Slumber: Session 1 release! FREE!

    Cycles of Infinity: Sands of Slumber by SoCalAshez (itch.io) (link to download game for PC and MAC) Sands Of Slumber (Links to World Anvil Page!) This campaign plays in the genre of old Final Fantasy style taking place in a highly magical and steampunk-esque technological world on the verge of...
  9. lewis1992

    Aeon's Destiny [Available NOW on itch.io]

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my game, Aeon's Destiny! So much love has gone into this, as it's been a lifelong dream to create my own game that focuses heavily on story and character development. Title: Aeon's Destiny Current Version: 1.0 Price: $2.99 - $4.89 Engine: RPG...
  10. ahiane

    RMVXA The six faces of horror

    Every October 31st, on halloween night, the no-face family leaves their house to scare children on the streets with horror masks that they make themselves. This year, however, the No-Face father said to his son No-Face Jr: "Son, now you're a grown up. You need to go scare the kids by yourself."...
  11. Kupotepo

    How do you conduct playtesting ?

    I did the search, but I did not see the result. My apology to you if you found this thread to be unworthy or unclear. I usually, ask the question like that. For examples of the testing process: [Again, I did not know the behind scene of your planning and operating. lol ]:smile: 1. Recruit your...
  12. Kupotepo

    How Much Backstory Should I Include and how far you go back?

    How far I should go back from the starting point of the story? How far do you go in your game?[A year, a century, a 2,000 years ago, since your world create, since the first races of creatures were born] Timing Is Everything [Many of us here agree that opening information overload is a repeller...
  13. AnnTenna

    RM2k/3 Legend of the Mysterummy

  14. Hollow 1977


    So need a pickup to your day; something maybe to make you smile? You have come to the right place. I will posting some of the funniest news stories to tickle your funny bone. Today's story is Bahhhd news for traffic as sheep take to the roads. Glad I am not in that mess. LOL! :biggrin...
  15. Finnuval

    Funny names?

    Hi there, I'm having trouble coming up with funny names for enemies Dragon Quest style and could use some help with it :D (it would appear being funny in a language not your own is more difficult then one might think haha) So anything you guys can throw at me would be appreciated :D (Not sure...
  16. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Best frogs in vidya games?

    Listen, this is VERY important. There are tons of frogs in video games, a good number of them are pretty good, but which frog is the best frog in video games, in your opinion at least? Personally one of my favorites is Globox from the Rayman series, he's a big goofy frog friend, he carries...
  17. soniiiety

    alien creatures with other art

    above is alien creatures^ be warned some may give nightmares and be frighting , it's your responsibility if you get scared or not. zenron prototype above with some art from my dream as well, the dude is the suit is called kerlin.^ I will add more art/photos if i can fit it in
  18. vectorinox

    RMMV Coffee Crawl (Roguelike)

    Congratulations! Humanity has finally achieved world peace! Because all humans on the planet right now are currently sleeping. FEATURES This game is a ROGUELIKE made using RPG Maker MV. It does not play like the usual RPG, as such is focused more on gameplay than storyline. (If you are not...
  19. AdamSakuru

    Worked on this on and off for the last few months [Video]

    Came across some old footage of a sorta podcast/let's play thing I tried to do with some friends. We didn't have a proper microphone at the time so I've animated subtitles to it and edited the whole thing down to the best parts. Also improved the audio quality a bit too. There's some light...
  20. Hrtz

    Jessie Kicks Ass – Grandma and the Gremlins (pilot episode) - DEMO available

    v.1.0.2 Available for Windows, macOS and Linux Game is made using RMMV Jessie Kicks Ass – Grandma and the Gremlins is an adventure game with RPG elements. It is a short pilot episode of what I hope will become extremely successful game series. Our hero is called by her grandma for some help –...

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