1. cthmpsn91

    Suggestion Future Suggestion - Emotion (RTP Expansion)

    I am not really quite sure if there is an appropriate place for these kinds of posts, but I have a suggestion for future versions of RPG Maker; and that is - include emotion face sets with the included RTP Actors. Time and time and time again, developers are constantly having to make edits or...
  2. atoms

    Do you think the MZ version of RPG Maker will be put on the Nintendo Switch in the future?

    In my opinion, it sounds quite likely, I wonder if they'll add more RTP and stuff when they do that?
  3. Joy

    Futuristic Tiles - Spaceship Interior

    As I was digging into my files to recompile an old game from a rapid development contest from waaaaay back, found this old spaceship tileset I cobbled together and did what I think are some neat edits. Most of the walls include transparent sections to make use of parallax layers below the map to...
  4. Black Pagan

    RMMV Lets Discuss - A Dungeon Crawler with Guns !

    Recently, I came across this post with Gun Weapons made by whtdragon : Link So, I was inspired to plan a Dungeon Climb game which plays somewhat like Dungeons and Dragons, but guess what ? Its set in the Future with Futuristic elements, Basically a Sci-Fi Game with Guns. So, all the...
  5. Black Pagan

    Need ideas for Futuristic Classes

    The Game's setting takes place in the Future, When Humans have colonized other Planets and have reached the few Nearest Stars. A Spaceship accidentally crash lands on a mysterious Alien Planet with you (The Player). Your job is to head out, Fix the Spaceship by finding materials from the Alien...
  6. Benku

    FREE Gaia Star Looking for Team

    Gaia Star About. A mech RPG where you take a role of a mercenary of the kights of pegasus whose kingdom is ravaged by an unknown force.In this universe. Wars are fought using humanoid combat frames known as Gaia Gears. Setting. A long time ago, before space and time existed, there were two gods...
  7. winlu

    Winlu's Cyberpunk Tileset

    Hi there. :) Since a few days I am developing a big tile set in Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi style. The first released package will be only the inner part. Are there any who are interested in improvements and suggestions? What would you like? There is still a lot to do, only the time is missing. The...
  8. ovate

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    To use Damage.png in your game- Open your project folder > img > system > replace original Damage.png with file name Damage.png (one you plan to use) ---------- Modern, Futuristic, Bold, Stereoscopic, Spaced By: TYA Terms: Can be used for commercial and non-commercial project as long you...
  9. ovate

    com_sho Sci-Fi Inside Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (com-sho), I'm reposting tilesets image here. Preview- Tileset- SF Inside SF Tile SF Wall Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to...
  10. sriden

    RMXP Polaris 03 - a scifi adventure puzzle game

    The FAMAS community presents Status: completed game, collaborative project with varied gameplay Genre: science fiction, puzzle, adventure Languages: English & French Game length: minimum of approximately 2 hours Engine: RPG Maker XP Graphics and music: custom In a near future...
  11. Hollow 1977

    VR Gaming

    VR's been out for a couple of years and looks interesting but I ask you all here. Is it worth the price? Which VR system is your favorite? Could rpgmaker titles end like this in the future? Which games do best in VR?
  12. Does anybody know of a site for RPG purposes that has a "Future tech of the week" feature?

    Does anybody know of a science/technology blog or site that has a "Future technology of the week" or "Future invention of the week" feature that they do every week? I've tried futuretimeline.net, singularityhub, etc. I was wondering if their was an under the radar site or obscure blog that does...
  13. Marquise*

    Net Neutrality a warning for the future!

    I honestly don't know if this falls under politics. But this issue might affect us all so deeply (I asked first if it was a hoax) that I can't believe we might loose all of our communication and creative world wide freedom soon. I would like to see if before the 14th December there is a way to...
  14. My Future World

    This is the ideas for my future world that will happen after the Information Age. Here it is. Era 1: Post-Information Age (2020-2040) -the immediate future. 20 or 30 years or so Era 2: The Fusion Age (2045-2055) -the advent of fusion power eliminates the need for fossil fuels and ushers in an...
  15. SWAMPFOOT9000

    What would you have in a hacking-themed battle system?

    What would you have in a hacking-themed battle system? What would the skills be, and how would they work? How could terminology be used? What kind of battle system would it be (ctb, atb, ect?) How would you go about getting into a battle? Would there be any place for random encounters, and if...
  16. dangerousbob


    HERE IT IS BOYS. LAZER EYES 2. As if anyone was waiting for it. Engine: MV Runtime: 20 to 50 hours. Action Adventure RPG Comedy Game is completed and tested. So I was on the race track and crashed, broke my legs and was stuck on the bed for a month. I thought...
  17. Acer2020

    Acer2020 Modern Resources (Updated August 17)

    Hi everyone! When I first got hold of RMMV I noticed a lack of modern resources available. So I created and made edits of my own and thought I'd share them in case others had the same problem. I'm not a pixel artist by trade and these are some of my first sprites, so feel free to point out or...
  18. BlockystarFish

    Future resource request for MV

    Hey guys, So I don't really ask for resources often as they are normally there already. But I want like a space ship for a tile set that like carries stuff/troops places that can be placed on a map. The style would be something like the movies aliens drop ship. Ill have a picture of one on here...
  19. New User: Cyberpunk Game Possible?

    I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I finally bit the bullet and bought it and starting to go through tutorials but I'm starting to question weather or not it will fit my need. I want to create a cyberpunk style game set in not TOO distant dystopian future.  So no magic, more guns and gernades...
  20. LeeOccleshaw

    Qualis - Quest for Consciousness

    LATEST UPDATES   - Checkpoints added, lose all money on death. - Enemies patrol the maps and respawn after killed.  - Each class/weapon combo has seperate sprites (system in place - no gfx yet) - Pet is now an automated battler who learns new abilities from enemies! - Bestiary added     LATEST...

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