1. AtlasAtrium

    Partners for a Cyberpunk game!

    ~Spirit Dancer: Humanity Falls~ [RPG Maker VX Ace]   So...I haven't actually posted anything on this site before, but I figured I might as well begin by requesting partners for a game I've been working on. It is still VERY early in development so there's a lot to work with!   I'm not asking...
  2. BlissAuthority

    Can anyone recommend some good modern or post-apoc tilesets for Ace?

    As the topic says.  I have ideas - both Magical Girl inspired ones, and post-apoc ones - but I'd prefer to wait on either until I have good tilesets for those universes.
  3. Futuristic 'Extra' tiles, legal Question

    Ok so in the futuristic Tiles Pack I bought from steam, there is a folder marked 'Extra' and it has materials for 'parallax mapping' and the read me says: These are not to be used as an event, or imported as a tileset. Now it doesn't say it is restricted to do that, just that they are not to...
  4. Pikafox

    Futuristic Vehicle - Graphics Request

    Hello, I just recently began making a futuristic-style game with RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm not great at making sprites, so would anyone be able to make me some futuristic vehicle designs? I have some images, but don't completely rely on them; add some touches that you would think of as an...
  5. Matseb2611

    Incitement 2

    Note: This game is a sequel to Incitement. There is no necessity to play the first game, since this game follows its own plot and also recaps on the key past events in a short scene at the start. However, if you have played at least a small portion of the first game, then it will help you to be...
  6. OceansDream


    Lunacity Summary: In the futuristic city of Luna City, Jia is a detective sent to investigate a murder in the downtown. The city hasn't been faring well as it has in the past, so while the upper sectors haven't been seriously affected, the lower sectors have noticeably ruined buildings and have...
  7. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Looking for some "Futuristic" Resources

    Our upcoming project, VoltAge, has a kind of steampunk/post apocalyptic setting, and we are having a bit of trouble finding resources we can use. We already have the "Futuristic" pack available from the store, but if anyone knows of any treasures in the way of icons, battlers, etc. that are...
  8. Lunarea

    JSM Futuristic Music Pack

    Today's release is a brand new futuristic music pack. Whether you're mapping a tech-heavy laboratory or eventing an all-out robot attack, this pack has some great tunes to help you craft the perfect map. Click here for details and sound samples. Member+, click here for your discount!
  9. Matseb2611

    Central Impulse

    General Features: - An all-robot cast! - About 3.5-4 hours in length, depending on the player - A beautiful sci-fi setting aboard a massive space station - Gameplay is equally balanced between puzzles/minigames and combat - Floating pickups! -...
  10. ThomasHarris

    Futuristic Tiles passable help

    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum although I've been reading it for a while but I always forget to register, I have just bought the Futuristic Tiles but it needs me to make them passable but unfortunately some of those new tiles I´m not sure if they are rugs or something different, does...
  11. GrandmaDeb

    Granny's Lists - Modern and Futuristic Resources

    RPG MAKER VX/ACE RESOURCES~TILES VX~~ Modern & Futuristic Resources ~~ACE All of your Apocalyptic, School, Modern, Sci-fi and Futuristic needs! Please make every effort to use the materials linked here according to the posted Terms and Conditions of the artists, and always credit those who...
  12. Tecprincess

    Futuristic glassy look world

    Anyone know a futuristic looking tileset. One a little more clean and not so gloomy like look to it than Ice dragons? Almost looks like what you see in Stargate:Atlantis.
  13. Lunarea

    Intelligence 1.1.9 (Have fun!)

    Closed at Op's request.

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