1. RMMV Gacha Plugin Mentioned at RPG Maker MV Help Page

    I was looking at the RMMV Help Page and i see that there is a gacha plug-in mentioned but there is no gacha plug-in in the files,anyone know how to access it?
  2. mididragon

    In need of a machine battler

    i need an evil black gachapon machine with bat wings... gachapon machines (if you don't know what they look like) sorry for the lack of specifics im new to making requests... i'll answer any question you...

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My shrink has me trying to limit 30 mins a day for each of my personal projects so I can have a healthier life. But lately the rpg making in particular has been hard to pull away from and I keep getting lost in it.
Everyone has a test project named like this...right?

Pardon my japanese but this is my honest reaction to yesterday's "tangent":
I know these are all simple things for experienced users, but working on this Game Jam I have officially learned how to:
  • Use my own title screen image
  • Use scrolling text
  • Fade in a picture
  • Use any image for the Face in a dialog box
Probably silly for many people, but observable progress for me!
So i was looking at Lufia The Legend Returns Mapping Style in GBC. the Players view is a 9x9 square. MV has a more modern pixel art. As long as the environment is comprehensible, this mapping style is still good.

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