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    Update None of recent. Introduction: Hey guys, basically I wanted to offer up this logo service to help out the community (Truly the first useful thing I’ve posted on here… hopefully) and to also further my skills in creating logos for games, hope you guys like them as this is my...

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what's the difference between a trailer and a teaser trailer...?
This profile banner thing is great! Not sure on the size needed, but it's still a nice feature.

Made mine nice and edgy because I'm still 15 at heart.
Anyone ever played Chrono Cross? I have been dying to create another micro-biome tileset that is heavily inspired by the Isle of the Damned in that game. So, a Micro Biome Bones edition. Anyone interested in this?
Wait, we have profile banners now?!
We have profile banners now! :D
D-does anyone know the size for them? 'Cause no matter what size image I upload, it doesn't look good haha; obviously my image sizes are too big.

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