1. RickelmiArtist

    Rickelmi Gallery

    I am an artist that is always wanting to improve, hope you guys like my artwork.
  2. Luozcurator

    How to add a gallery?

    I seek help and guidance adding a gallery to my menu option! I am using yanfly's main menu manager and common event menu plugins. OK, maybe this a misnomer. I already have a way to add the gallery. I use a common event that displays the common event menu when the menu option is selected. This...
  3. nidhoggn

    Nidhoggn's Gallery

    Hi everyone, I'm posting my stuff here. I like to draw some fantasy characters and I do a lot of fan arts from video games i like, I also do Pixel Art. I hope you guys enjoy.
  4. 4Lore

    Creating a movie gallery

    Hello, I would like to create a movie gallery (dependent on saves) similar to cg gallery which will have to play a movie when i click on a slot icon, instead of showing a picture. The movies will be unlocked in the game with a number variable or something like this. I tried to implement this...
  5. Verdelite

    MOGHunter's Picture Gallery and Encryption

    Hello, I've run into the following issue when using MOG Hunter's Picture Gallery Plugin: If I deploy my project using RMMV's image encryption, the gallery can no longer be accessed. Instead of opening what should be the gallery screen, I am stuck with a "Now loading" message. The plugin works...
  6. Sausage_Boi

    RPG Maker Web Gallery

    Are the images in the Gallery section available for public use? Thank you! http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/gallery/
  7. iOrchid

    iOrchid Gallery

    Hello everyone, gawd i was so excited to post this here, theres so many good art stuff and i wanna share mine as well and get some feedback :P     So ill let my work speak to u :3         Photo-manipulation, Graphic design Section :                 Anime, Fanart, Minecraft skins, Chibi ...
  8. LNicol90

    Gallery upload error

    Hello, everyone. I'm having an issue with the gallery. I want to upload an image for a tutorial I want to write, but every time I try I get "Error The server returned an error during upload". This happens on the basic and advance uploader. On the advance uploader, I see the whole thing upload...
  9. Halfmoon Media

    [ACE] Custom Gallery Menu w/ Unlockable Extras Wanted!

    I've always been a fan of games that let you unlock movies and pictures as you go and I know I'm not the only one. I'd love to give my players the same experience, if that's something they'd like. I am looking for an Extras Menu from which you can select: Movies, Pictures, or Music. These 4...
  10. ShinGamix

    Gallery Size

    Why is the gallery so very..empty? Does that mean the focus of graphics are going toward the store than the gallery?
  11. Holder

    Gallery dimension limit

    I hate to do this but it's a bump. If the actual size limit isn't wanting to be disclosed for any reason that's fine but it'd be nice to know if it is ever going to be increased (placed my largest image size so far in the initial post).

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