1. Geeguz

    RMMV Galv Collide SE on/off in-game?

    What I'm looking for is simple I just don't know how to do it lol, https://galvs-scripts.com/2017/03/10/mv-collide-se/ I'm just looking for a way to use a plugin command or script call to flip this on and/or off while in game. Is there an additional bit of plugin I could add to achieve this...
  2. Ghoost

    RMMZ Need to add a conditional to 'Message Timer' Plugin

    Hi all! I'd like to see if someone would be capable of adding a conditional to Galv's Message Timer plugin! Specifically a '$gameMessage.isBusy || $gameMessage.isChoice' conditional. The reason is that Galv's plugin actually has an issue when you are using the Default MZ Plugin "Text Picture"...
  3. Patroso

    I have a large map and parallax mapping is not working (GALV_LayerGraphicsMZ)

    why it doesn't work on smaller maps but it doesn't work on large maps anymore (scr2) when i use when I use Lyer instead of layer_s I get something like the map has a loop, and that's not the effect I want. Weird Loop (scr2) LAYER_S 0 NEW_MainMp_1 0 0 255 0.5 10 0 0 LAYER_S 1 NEW_MainMp_2...
  4. ThatFlowerGirl

    RMMV Question about Galv's Projectile

    I'm kind of noob at stuff like these yet ;w; so if i sound stupido sorry TwT.. I installed Gal'vs projectile plugin where you can shoot projectiles. When a projectile hits a event, a specific common event will run. What I'm doing is that whenever a projectile hits a specific event (for ex...
  5. abdo97z

    RMMV message text speed with message sound effect

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make my game messages have a sound effect and i achieved that using Galv's sound effect plugin: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/galvs-message-sound-effects.49418/ But the problem is when I installed a text speed plugin it doesn't work when Galv's...
  6. CronicaL

    RMMZ Galv's Map Travel Plugin

    Im using galv's map travel plug in and have it working for the most part. So here is my issue. The player will discover a fast travel location and it works until another fast travel location is discovered. Once another location is discovered, it wont transfer the player to the desired map...
  7. SangHendrix

    RMMZ Make Galv Character Animation compatible with SAN Analog Stick

    Hello. I'm making a game for mobile and need a pixel movement and character animation plugin, but only Galv one and SAN Analog Stick have worked so far. Unfortunately, the plugins worked fine separately but not together. With both plugins enabled, the character couldn't move at all, and it kept...
  8. RMMV How can i adapt day/night system to a parallax map with GALV_LayerGraphics?

    Hello, as title says, im making a game where have day/night system, i have a parallax map for day (base map, and other for shadows above the base map) and then a night parallax map with lights and shadows, but i dont know how can i make it work, how can i make parallax change from 'day shadows'...
  9. Grind

    RMMZ Galv Character Frames Plugin MZ Skipping frames

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first post. I'm using Galv character frames plugin for MZ as well as his character animations plugin. This allows me to have 8 frame idle, walk, etc. After a lot of googling and reading this forum, I got it all working and understand how it all works, which is...
  10. Mieyn-the-ScriptWriter

    RMMV Is there a way for SRD_Character Creator Ex and Galv_Bust Menu to work with each other?

    So right now I am using these two plugins with each other and the results give me this... Is there anyway for character creator ex to either not update this image within this scene/menu, or change the width of this image being displayed?
  11. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles Issue (again)

    Hello, I need some help with this plugin. I activate the event and it doesn't works. It's like the code is totally ignored by RPG Maker. Can someone tell me what's wrong and how I fix it.
  12. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles problem (again)

    Hello there. I had every type of problem with this plugin, and I need help. I posted at least three times about this plugin, but it didn't worked in any of the cases. Here the most complete and detailed screenshots I have. Please, I need somebody to tell me where's the problem and how I can...
  13. RMMV Galv's Map Projectiles Problem

    Hello, I'm with problems to activate the event that will shoot the projectiles. I don't know if I activate the plugin script with a plugin command, a script, or the move route. Also I don't know if my coding is right, if you find any error, please, tell me. Thanks for the help, sorry of the...
  14. TsukiTheLunatic

    RMMV Galv Image backgroud problem.

    I recently downloaded a bunch of Galv plugins most of them work fine, the only one that doesn't work is the backgroud message which has a weird glich.I don't know how to explain it right but when I open the menu it looks like this error: failed to load img/system/ ms.gimg_(insert random number...
  15. RMMV Galv Message bust problem

    Problem: What I want it to be (this is edited): I know theres an invisible icon there i just need to know how to do this without messing up with the plugin. Im using galv message bust plugin.
  16. KawaiiKid

    RMMV Galv image bust flickering.

    Whenever I use this plugin to add busts they will randomly show for a 1/4th of a second, disappear, then appear again. At first I thought it could be yanfly's message core, but disabling that does nothing. Next I thought it could be image cache, so I used an image cache addon to load all the...
  17. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV Galv Tool Labels

    Howdy y'all, I'm trying to make a small farming title in my off-time, and figured I could use Galv's Tool plugin to make tilling and mining hella easy. Only issue I'm running into is that I can't figure out where to put the labels. I get that there should be a label in the tool's common event...
  18. Trihan

    Trilobytes Extensions: Galv's Actor Equip Items Extended (add/remove slots using equipment)

    Galv's Actor Equip Items Extended v1.01 Trilobytes by Trihan Introduction This plugin was written to address a forum request. Galv's Actor Equip Items is a fantastic and versatile plugin, but one feature it lacks is the ability to have pieces of armour that increase or decrease the number of...
  19. Parallax Panda

    RMMV Requesting changes to Galv's "Magic Shards" plugin

    I am using Galv's "Magic Shards" Plugin for RPG maker MV, and I'd like to request some help in changing it since I'm more or less incompetent with JavaScript myself. To anyone who'd be willing to help me, I'd be very thankful and if there is anything I'm capable of doing for you (in regards to...
  20. Ina00

    Help with Galv's Time Button Attacks script

    Howdy. I recently tried @Galv 's Time Button Attacks script, and I really like the button pressing thing, though I wanted to change a little bit how the damage is calculated. I think by default the script considers a succesful hit as a normal * multiplier and the others as evaded(?) or normal...

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