1. KrimsonKatt

    YEP ATB not working

    Okay, I know what you're going to say. "But KrimsonKatt! Isn't YEP ATB is no longer supported! Of course it doesn't work!" I know that. However, there aren't that many options for ATB systems in MV, and I have continued to use Yanfly's ATB many times in many games, and it has always worked...
  2. [RESOLVED] Galv Pixel Movement + Yanfly Event Spawner Help

    Hey there, I'm using Galv's Pixel Movement in conjunction with Yanfly's Event Spawner. Whenever I spawn in an event, it walks to its destination, and upon attempting to interact with it I am greeted with the following error: If I move the event to naturally exist in the room (and it's NOT...
  3. Vis_Mage

    Item Details Script - Fix with Galv's Menu Themes Engine

    Hey, I'm hoping that someone could help me with a small compatibility fix between Galv's Menu Themes Engine, and Hoshigata's Item Details script. The two scripts actually do work with one-another, however, since the extended item description creates a window while still in the item menu, the...
  4. Gravemaster

    Galv'es Visual Novel Choices Small Fix

    Hey, I've been using Galv'es Visual Novel Choices Script (download the demo to get the graphics), and in general it works great. However, I have noticed that when a text box does not precede a choice, the choices will end up appearing at the bottom of the screen, where the text box would...
  5. How to contact Galv?

    I want to contact the user Galv for business reasons. How do I do this?
  6. Galv Party Favor Subtracting Enemy and Party Favor Help

    Hello! I am creating a project that relies on the Party Favor System of Galv's an awful lot, but I'm having a number of problems. This script: I hope to make enemies use skills that can subtract party favors, be it their own...
  7. Galv's Jump Ability - Tweaked to only have living followers jump?

    I'm currently using Galv's Jump Ability script for VX Ace as well as the Falcao Pearl ABS. Generally, they seem to play along well with one another. One issue I do run into, however, is that the Pearl ABS script calls for dead followers to be lying in the spot where they died, while Galv's...
  8. ZirconStorms

    Item On Event & Key Item Help Window (Patch)

    Item On Event & Key Item Help Window (Patch) // Forum request; a purely visual compatibility patch. Requires: Kadafi's Item Select Help ( Galv's Use Item on Event ( Customization: Adjust the vertical position of the item...
  9. p0_boy

    [SOLVED MYSELF] Galv's MV Message Styles & MV Event Spawner

    Howdy again, folks- New day, new challenge. I hope that you can help :) I have been using Galv's MV Message Styles plug-in- here are some excerpts from the plug-in help to give a better idea of how it works: In addition to the examples above, \pop[0] will "target the event [that] the Show...
  10. Hahasea

    Making a reharvestable farm crop with Galv's Simple Crops and Yanfly's foraging G

    Hey pals, So I've got a nice little farming system set up using Galv's Simple Crops, as well as harvestable wild trees & bushes using this Yanfly' tutorial: (which uses Yanfly's Event Copier, and Self Switches & Variables)...
  11. Better jumping mechanics?

    Hi guys! This is my first post, and I really don't know for sure if this belongs here, so I'm sorry if I've posted to the wrong spot. I'm using Galv's Jump Ability plugin, it works great for basic jumping around, but I'm needing to expand on it. What I want it to do is not only let you jump 2...
  12. Galv's Event Spawn Timers Help!

    I'm just trying to have a timer go off, but it wont happen ;_; As far as I know the syntax is correct! Any ideas?
  13. JRand

    Yanfly Event Chase Player and Galv's Diagonal Movement.

    Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin and Galv's Diagonal Movement plugin are incompatible when the latter's diagonal mouse movement feature is set to true. However, I require diagonal mouse movement for my game. I am currently achieving event chase for on-map encounters without Yanfly's Event...
  14. Krystek_My warning

    I will just paste Yanfly's articles, just to warn you. They aren't mines. If posting it it's not allowed, or it was posted somewhere else, moderation, please delete it. They have stolen scripts from Yanfly, Moghunter, Victor, Galv, and more, and some of them cost money.'s page...
  15. kat821

    Request for a compatibility patch (for Visual Equipment script)

    I discovered RPG Maker quite recently, so reaching out to the original creator of the script probably wouldn't work, as the post with the script was written in 2012. I have two scripts that I want to work together: Composite Graphics/Visual Equipment by modern algebra and Superman Ability by...
  16. kat821

    Small incompatibility issue with two scripts (Solved)

    I have two scripts by Galv: jumping ability and superman ability. There's a small visual bug that happens when you have two of those scripts installed, that I would like to get rid of. Here are two pictures to illustrate the issue: . I think I found the cause of this, but since I don't know...
  17. ForestLogic

    Game refuses to update Galv's pixelmove plugin to 1.2. HELP.

    So I realized after 6 months I've been using v1.0 of Galv's pixelmove plugin. I wanted to update it to the latest version, 1.2, to fix the issue with Move Event movement. Problem is, no matter what I do, my game refuses to update the plugin in-program. I've downloaded the updated version twice...
  18. Parallax Diagonal Collision

    Hey guys, i've been searching everywhere but i wasn't able to find the thing i need. So i'm using Galvs Diagonal Sprites and pixel movement ...
  19. definite_lee

    Galv's Map Projectiles + Altimit Pixel Movement

    Hello! I'm working on an action adventure rpg which relies heavily on Galv's Map Projectiles plugin for enemy and player attacks and Altimit Pixel Movement to handle pixel movement and collision boxes. Recently I have noticed that the projectiles created by Galv's plugin don't seem to respect...
  20. Unsure how to change animation for Galv's idle animation plugin

    I recently installed Galv's idle animation plugin for RPGmaker Mv and I have absolutely no idea how to change the character sheet of the animation from walking on the spot to the one I made for that exact purpose. I am quite new to RPGmaker so if you could tell me how to edit it that would be great

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