1. Moving around during one NPC text

    I'm working on an NPC of an old dude who follows you around telling you his life story. I need the text to be scrolling while you're moving around interacting with other NPC's and other things. I have tried Galv's Messages Without Wait V.1.1...
  2. Pandaperfect

    Yan fly and Gavl Plugin

    I'm having trouble making two Plugins work. and Yanflys plugin overwrites Galvs. I can't make them work together. I tried to move Galvs plugin to 1st place, but it...
  3. Ally

    Character into Galv template

    Hi guys, I can't insert this my personal chara into Galv Template (for MV with his plugin). Can you tell me how to create custom templates? or can you help me? Thank you ^^ EDIT: Ops, wrong section, escuse me ^^'
  4. DoctorArtist

    VXACE - GALV's Invader Mini Game Modification for HUD Image

    Hey there, needed a short little modification to GALV's Invader Minigame script. Basically, I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to add an extra image between the backdrop image and the score/health/power-up section. Basically, so I can put an image between those two layers to act...
  5. Galv's "use item" script trouble

    Hey I was wondering if someone could help me. I have Galv's use item script, where you stand in front of an event and bring up your key items, like so... However if I use ANY other button other than "Z" on the keyboard to use it...nothing will happen which will confuse whoever is playing. You...
  6. Morpheus

    Galvs Storage Script, need a section gone

    Hello, I was wondering if any expert scripters out there can make this script so that it doesn't bring up the menu asking how many to take and just to take the whole stack of items. I would *preferably* like to still be able to dictate how many of the items to put in. Your help would be MUCH...
  7. Raijinn

    A little help, please?

    Hey guys so I'm using a plugin for my message box, and it turned out great. But then like always, I encountered a problem. It's this: The problem is that the name and text doesn't seem to fit well, is there a plugin that lets you modify where's this where's that? I...
  8. AdamSakuru

    DreamX Victory Aftermath (Galv Message Style bug) *Will pay for help*

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath: This plugin adds functionality to the Yanfly's victory aftermath. It lets you run common events on each aftermath page (exp, level, loot). Galv Message Styles...
  9. AdamSakuru

    DreamX Victory Aftermath (Galv Message Style bug) *Will pay for help*

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath: Galv Message Styles: DreamX hasn't been on in awhile and I ran into the same...
  10. Zack Phoenix

    Small change in Galv's Magic Shards

    Hey fellow makers, I need your help with a small code change! In Galv's Magic Shards plugins, in the menu where you equip the shards, you see all the shards you can equip but also the ones you CAN'T equip - these are greyed out. I, however, need only the equippable ones to be visible and the...
  11. styx92

    Yanflys Doodads shakes if use Galv Cam

    Like the threat name says. I use yanflys doodads and galvs cam plugin. But if i set doodads and than walk arround, the doodads will shaking or jumping a bit. This kills the usage of yanfly doodads because it looks really wierd -.- Here are the plugins: Galvs Cam...
  12. KittRen

    Galv's Simple Crops Issue

    Hello! I was thrilled this plugin existed since in Ace I had made a very lengthy 99 page event for crops that I didn't want to have to remake for MV... However, there were a few things I wanted to make happen-- 1. Plants only grow when watered 2. Plants are watered when it rains 3. Seeds are...
  13. Galv

    Galv's Prize Wheel

    Prize Wheel - Version 1.2 RPG Maker MV Plugin Galv Introduction Spin to win! Screenshot Features A simple plugin that opens a new scene where the player spins a wheel and presses a button to stop it from spinning. Whatever the wheel lands on they can receive a prize! Build lists of...
  14. Tetsune

    Bit of a pickle with menu scripts.

    I'd like to start of saying I don't know a dang thing about Ruby script LOL So, up until now, I haven't had an issue because I modified 3 menu scripts (The Luna Engine Menu Scripts, Galv's Menu Themes, and Galv's Menu Layout) to fit together and keep all the elements of each... Except one issue...
  15. ashikai

    [solved]More than 3 frames for event animation (galv character frame set)

    There may not currently be a solution to this problem; I dug around quite a bit and turned up nothing, so here goes. I'm using @Galv 's Character Frames plugin set (Character animations, Diagonal Movement, and Character Frames) in order to add an idle/walk/run animations to my sprites as well...
  16. styx92

    MBS Zoom Script Coordinate Fix

    Hey guys. I have one problem. If i use some things that will displayed on events like galvs message styles or an notification window, that appears over the players head, than it all get shifted. Here a screenshot as example: Is there a way to fix it? SRDs Camera Core do not have this...
  17. Galv

    Galv's New Item Indication

    New Item Indication - Version 1.1 RPG Maker MV Plugin Galv Introduction Another of my VX Ace scripts moved to MV - see which items are new. Screenshot Features This plugin adds an image over weapon/item/armor icons that have been obtained for the first time in the game to indicate...
  18. ViviCJ

    Boat in RPG Maker MV won't move?!

    Hello all! Come back to my project after about 5 months off, only to learn that I can board the boat but I can't get my boat to move. My Airship and Ship work fine and I have tried using Yanfly's and Galv's Vehicle plugins which only don't work for the boat. I have tried using the boat in...
  19. Galv

    Galv's Superman Ability

    Superman Ability - Version 1.0 RPG Maker MV Plugin Galv Introduction Another one from my VX Ace plugins remade for MV. Screenshot Features Enables the player to takeoff and land like superman with the press of a button or script calls. - uses different charactersets when flying -...
  20. Galv

    Galv's Dynamic Traits

    Dynamic Traits - Version 1.0 RPG Maker MV Plugin Galv Introduction Making traits a little more flexible. Screenshot Features Add traits to actors during the game via script call or use note tags on actors or classes to specify traits that can be gained when reaching certain levels...

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