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  1. VFVelzades

    VFV's Art Sect

    Hellooo, I'm super ultra new here where I don't even know how to change my DP HAHAH I'm just gonna drop some of my artworks in here hoping you guys would like them. I also plan to take requests free of charge next week, if some of you are interested in that and then Commissions moving forward...
  2. hi everyone ~

    ⓒ my_birthday1205 ※ Unauthorized distribution of the above picture is prohibited. Hello, everyone. I am making a mobile game. After completing the plug-in test and mobile performance test well, I am making the opening animation now. Above is a character from the game. An easy and...
  3. BrickleYourFrickle

    Can I get some feedback on my character portraits?

    I tried to emulate the FF2 art style with these, using the NES color-palette. However, I'd like some feedback and critique on these, in case I should add or remove any aspects of their design.
  4. Merryjest

    Maus' Art Thread

    Welp, since I've started work on a game with a friend, I guess I should probably do this. I'll be posting art as I go along... I'm starting with character busts/portraits! Sarting off with the game's main protagonist, who starts off as a rather sheltered princess, but who will end up as the...
  5. dollyt

    RMMV Art Style Vote for Four Shadow Hearts Characters

    I'm wondering which kind of art will work best for my game. I have created two characters: Rano and Sela. The links are below. All of the art styles are actually filters from one website; I just can't decide which one I like best! Please pick two choices: your favorite style for Rano, and your...
  6. Juliastorybored

    Juliastorybored 2D and 3D Art

    Hi i am a 2D and 3D Game artist and i am new here and still learning the what's and where's of this website. Here are my artworks i made for the past years of being a game developer. Feel free to give me a comments and or suggestions. I will be dumping my artworks here from time to time. Thanks...

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