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  1. New to Game Design

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to post something about my plans for the rest of 2019 (the 4 months that are left anyway) game design-wise, and maybe ask for some advice. So, being as new to game design as I am, I am not that great at it yet. I've started using RPG maker MV since march of this year...
  2. V_Aero

    Crafting sucks?

    Hey all, I think we all know the thread about things to avoid in our games, and in this I red few times that some players dont like arbitrary crafting. And I still remeber that one guy who commented a NoMansSky Youtube video with "Oh it has crafting? I suddenly lost all my interest in this...
  3. Diarist

    Game without random encounters; alternate ways to make currency/exp?

    The game I'm making isn't gonna be very combat heavy, at all. The few fights that exist will be dedicated to boss battles (a few encounters with other stuff too but even then it's only like... 3, maybe?) which are intended to be very character driven anyway. As a result, the party leveling up...
  4. Kupotepo

    How to portray mastermind villains in RPG games?
  5. Studio Blue

    DLC Not Included (Game Development Podcast)

    Hello everyone! Allow us to introduce Studio Blue's Game Development Podcast, "DLC Not Included". We created this podcast to further expand upon game development topics we come across while critiquing (doing Let's Plays of) various indie games. Our goal is to release a new podcast every Monday...
  6. esterk

    Thoughts on minimaps in RPGs?

    Hey everyone, I am currently working out some of the aspects of my game, and recently came to the decision of whether or not to implement a minimap system in it. I've been going back and forth on this from a gameplay perspective (I already have a working plugin, so the technical side isn't an...
  7. Kitsunekko

    Permadeath? Should it be done?

    I've had an idea for the past couple of days, but I'm unsure whether or not it'd seem 'fun' or 'fair' to the player character. The idea is basically this: When you first die (I'm unsure if it should be scripted or not), you'll encounter yourself in a horror setting where you have to escape from...
  8. Kitsunekko

    RMMV I'll Give You A Gift [In-Progress Prototype]

    Introduction This is the first RPG Maker game I'm committing to actually trying to complete. I'm currently making the prototype in RPG Maker MV but I might switch it over to ACE depending on if certain mechanics are more readily available for ACE rather than MV. The Premise Set in a fantasy...
  9. EmperorEnema

    RMMV 'Grim Mortality' Damage and Pain Framework

    Ay all For my up-and-coming mature post-apoc & cyberpunk adventure/action/psychological CTB RPG, I'm looking to add more layers into combat to supplement how frequent said combat is through the game. One of my primary ideas that I have been fleshing out over the last few weeks has been a...
  10. CallMeKerrigan

    How do you design your game?

    I'm just curious about if you are finished with a game, or mostly finished, what your process is. For me, I make a bunch of maps and then kind of get stuck once I lose interest making maps and start all over with a new game. (I know, that's terrible) The 2 games I ever got closest to finishing...
  11. Snake2557

    What's the point of Save Points; a discussion -

    Hello everyone, I've been thinking lately about save points. I mean obviously their purpose is to save the game; but what practical purposes do they serve. Why not allow the player unfettered access to the coveted save menu? What does the developer gain from having this mechanic? Why do I care...
  12. Canini

    Share fun development stories

    We all probably have some fun stories from your game creating, but have you some experience that you have actually incorporated into the game? Something that turned out being not a bug but a feature? My games is a real time action game that also uses a jumping script. This works well for fields...
  13. Uzuki

    Looking For Feedback On My "Story Mode" Setting

    In my game, Princess in a Bind, there are two modes that you will be able to pick from at the start of the game: Story Mode: Applies a buff that makes battles easier, certain enemy skills and mechanics won't be used to make battles faster and easier, Save anywhere not just in certain areas...
  14. mrbeardretrotv

    Is there something that can show me.....

    Is there a tutorial that can show me how to change a tile (ex. a book closed) to another tile (ex. a book opened)? Maybe I'm just missing it and it's right in front of my nose? I tried to google it and see if I can find something, but I've had no luck. Or maybe I'm just looking for the wrong thing?
  15. Frankster300

    Hello! I'm new and i have questions!

    Hey everyone! My name is Frank. I have a great idea for designing a game, and i wanted to ask the forums a few questions before i throw myself into the deep-end of this project. You dont need to answer all of them if you dont want to! I'm using RPG Maker MV, and i have alot of experience with...
  16. plubic_void21

    What are your thoughts on RM Games?

    *I hope this is the right forum to post this* Still new, so trying to learn where everything goes and all. Anyways, Most games aren't made for developers, as a matter of fact, especially in the indie scene, everyone wants to get their projects seen or heard, and most people, if ever plays...
  17. plubic_void21

    Experience and leveling

    hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm new to the RPG scenario so forgive me for any stupid questions/ topics I may or may not have asked or mention. I'm currently working on my first commercial project and came across a game development question; those gameplay questions you ask yourself while...
  18. hardytier

    Cross of Auria - Now on Steam!

    Cross of Auria - Version is now live on Steam for Windows and Linux. Available on Steam for $0.99 @ About CoA's Plot... A plague known only as "the Scourge" has wiped the memories of everyone in the realm of Revan. Ruby, also affected, finds herself in the Veil - a realm between...
  19. lerugray


    Hey there My name is Ray, I had an imported copy of the PSX RPG maker as a kid, and have loved the software for years. I'm a recently established wargame designer (Rostov 41 for Multi Man Publishing) and designed a Pen & Paper rpg years ago called 'Everything is Dolphins' that was a minor cult...
  20. Lonewulf123

    How do you "execute" and "make" your RPG maker game?

    This is something that I've been thinking about for a while and I'm curious on how the rest of the community handles and creates their projects. You've created you game idea. You have your concept, your game design document, and all the details are hashed and planned out. The only thing left to...

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